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Martian Gardens, Valley Free Radio Edition, June 17, 2016

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Valley Free Radio
Northampton, Mass.
Webcast/Broadcast date: June 17, 2016
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Noah Creshevsky: Jacob's Ladder
Dedicated to Marco Oppedisano
Mutable Music/2003
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; composition year: 1999; time: 7:52

Marco Oppedisano: Joyous Returns
Spectropol Recordings/2015
electroacoustic electric guitar, virtual instruments, samples: Marco Oppedisano; time: 4:41

Steven Ricks: Waves/Particles
a. Micro-Orbital (2:29)
b. Interlude (0:28)
c. Wrecked Angels (7:02)
Young American Inventions
New Focus Recordings/2015
(for alto flute, cello, percussion, and electronics); Canyonlands New Music Ensemble (flute: Carlton Vickers; cello: Noriko Kishi; percussion: Jason Rabb; conductor: Morris Rosenzwig); recorded at de Jong Concert Hall, Brigham Young University, May 8, 2008; composition year: 2008; total time: 10:00

Mari Kimura: Sarahal
Harmonic Constellations (various composers)
Works for Violin & Electronics 
New World Records/2016
violin, electronics: Mari Kimura; recorded at Harvestworks Media Arts Center, New York City, June 2015; composition year: 2013; time: 7:06

Tania León: Axon
Singin' Sepia
Bridge Records/2008
violin with interactive computer: Mari Kimura; recorded at KAS Music & Sound, Astoria, New York, September 20, 2005; composition year: 2002; time: 12:00

Émilie Girard-Charest: Émilie préfère le chant
Émilie préfère le chant
Ambiances Magnetiques/2016
cello: Émilie Girard-Charest; composer: Joan Hétu;  composition year: 2014; recorded at Studio 270, Montreal, Summer 2015; time: 12:28

Meredith Monk: Sweep 2
ECM New Series/2008
percussion, Chinese temple bells, magnets: John Hollenbeck; ocean drum: Bohdan Hilash; voice: Allison Sniffin; recorded at Avatar Studios, New York City, January 2007;  time: 1:24

Lewis Nielson: Axis (Sandman)
Mode Records/2015
(for solo percussion and string quartet); percussion: Steven Schick; The JACK Quartet; cello: Emily Dufour; conductor: Nicholas DeMaison; recorded at Oktaven Sounds, Yonkers, New York, May 2013; composition year: 2005; time: 14:22

Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds A
Percussion Works
Mode Records/2007
solo percussion: Steven Schick; recorded at Warren Studios, University of California San Diego; composition year: 1989; time: 6:09

Christopher Shultis: 4-7-3
An Illusion of Desire
Experimental Music by Christopher Shultis 1988-1992
Neuma Records/2016
performed by Crossing 32nd Street (percussion: Robert Esler, Simone Mancuso; crotales, piano: Douglas Nottingham; vibraphone: Brett Reed; tam-tam: Christopher Shultis; field recordings: Garth Paine); composition years: 1989, revised 2015; time: 25:21

Laurie Anderson: New York Social Life
New Music for Electronic & Recorded Media (various artists)
Women in Electronic Music 1977
New World Records/2006 (orig. 1750 Arch LP/1977)
voice, telephone: Laurie Anderson; tamboura: Scott Johnson; recorded at Laurie Anderson's studio, New York City; composition year: 1977

Laurie Anderson: Facebook
Heart of a Dog
Nonesuch Records/2015
voice, words, music: Laurie Anderson; recorded in New York City, 2015; time: 1:36

Amy Denio: Saiko IV
Tattoo -- Music for the Pat Graney Dance Company
Unit Circle Rekkids/2001
voice, text: Saiko Koboyashi; time: 0:32

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