Sunday, July 27, 2008

Martian Gardens 7/20/2008

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:30--24:00 EDT
Host:Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Featuring Robert Voisey

William Pfaff "The Color of Snow"
Gene Pritsker "A CaSamppella"
William Price "Ignorant Bliss No. 4"
Cherilyn Young "Celtic X Chromosome"
Les Scott "Sublight"
Russell D. Cannon "Musical Mechanics"
Nivedita Shivraj "Rain Dance," "Day Break"
Lynn Job "Carraige Baine"
Cory Kasprzyk "Crunch Time"
Brian Kershner "Improviso"
Eleonor Sandresky "The Turquiose Teacup"
Richard Arnest "My Radiance Indwelling"
Jane Wang "I Hate"
Sean Francis Conway "How to Say Goodbye" Cellular Counterpoint" "Three Two One"
Richard Campanelli "CROWS (corvus brachyrynchos)
John Akins "You've Got...60 Seconds"
Adam Basanta "Shiva Creates, Destroys"
Richard Biting "Coyote Faucet" "Entrances and Exits" "It's Not Real" "Needles" Shells"
Daniel Blinkhorn "Wash"
Belin Castro "Beauty Love," "Excess"
James Brody "ZAZON60"
Mike Moser-Booth "Refragment [bang(
Anthony Catalano "Worried for Nothing"
Massimo Fragala "Akatastasia"
Elaine Lillios "Stargazing"
Laurie Spiegel "Multiscale Sweeps"
David Congo "Invention 59.3"
Robert Rocco "Synthesia 2008"
Lynn Job "Blue Sand"
Heather Frasch "Ice Texture '59"
Emmanuelle Gibello "to remember"
David Gunn "fourmis dans mon panatalon"
Todd Harrop "Calypso"
Matthew Hetz "Violin Concerto"
Joel Hickman "Tone Poem for Electric Guitars, Violins and Violas"
Marie Incontrera "You Will Become Whole"
Bob Siebert "Loops for Science"
Rodney Waschka "Strange Moon"
Jordan McLean "Inside the Hadronron Collider"
Chris Mann "Proof"
Garry Wickliffe "The Z Relationship"
Jeremy Bible and Jason Henry "sxt"
Katja and Martin Krusche "Spruhen"
Logan Kevin "Surbiton Road"
Frank Levin "Lunch Break" "Mc Coppin Square"
Dale Perkins "Sodom and Gommorrah"
Susan Matthews "60x60 Cartography"
David Morneau "Tonight on 60x60" "60x60 Redux"
Tim Mukherjee "Kronecker Delta"
Michelangelo Pepe "Playing with Clocks"
Jose Luis Marie Montero ?
(canadian) Aaron Acosta
(canadian) "Lost Voices"
(canadian) Atkinson Lester "Touch of Evil"
(canadian) Yoganathan
(canadian) Gintas K
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
David Hahn "Big Donut"

Sequence approximate.

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