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Martian Gardens for February 25, 2016

Host: Max Shea 
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Webcast date: February 25, 2016

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Steve Reich: Nagoya Marimbas
Third Coast Percussion/Steve Reich
Çedille Records/2016
Third Coast Percussion; recorded at the University of Notre Dame's DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, December 15-19, 2014; composition year: 1994; total time: 4:48

Henri Pousseur: At Moonlight, Downland's Shadow Passes Along Ginkakuji
Electronic, Experimental and Microtonal, 1953-1999
Sub Rosa/2008
koto: Mikoto Jakahata; shamisen: Sumila Goto; shakuhachi: Shuzan Morita; composition year: 1989; time: 12:38

Barton McLean: Ice Canyons
Innova Recordings/2010
keyboards, computer, "Composer's Playpen" software: Barton McLean; recorded at the composer's studio, Petersburg, New York, composition year: 2010; time: 8:23

Marco Oppedisano: The Transfixed
Spectropol Records/2015
electric guitar, electroacoustic electric guitar, electronics, samples: Marco Oppedisano; time: 4:43

Paul Rudy: Tikkun Olam
Possible Worlds [various artists]
Spectropol Records/2011
electronics: Paul Rudy; composition year: 2008; time: 4:00

R. Weis: Cardboard Serenade
Excitable Audible
R. Weis/2011
electroacoustic music: Robert Weis  (sound sources; cardboard tubes, vocal tone); time: 4:09

John Duesenberry: Agitato (Ergo Sum)
Electro Acoustic Music II
Neuma Records/1991
electroacoustic music: John Duesnberry; Boston Musica Viva; composition year: 1990; time: 6:18

Benjamin Boretz: I. Overture
String Quartet
Open Space/2009
The Quartet DAFO (violins: Justyna Duda, Danuta Augustyna; viola: Aneta Dumanowska; cello: Anna Armatys); recorded at the Studios of the Polish National Radio and Television, Warsaw, September 20-22, 2007; composition year: 1957; time: 11:02

Michael Byron: Invisible Seeds (for James Tenney)
Music of Nights Without Moon or Pearl
Cold Blue Music/2000
CalArts New Century Players (violins: Mark Menzies, Cindy Mousas, viola: Ray Tischer, cello: Guenevere Measheam, contrabass: Barry Newton, pianos: Vicki Ray, Brian Pezzone, synthesizer: Brent Crayon), conductor: David Rosenboom; recorded at Dizzy Gillespie Recording Studio, California Institute of the Arts, 2000, composition year: 1998, time: 15:35

Michael Vincent Waller: Atmosfera di Tempo
The South Shore
XI Records/2015
violins: Conrad Harris, Pauline Kim-Harris; viola: Daviel Panner; cello: Christine Kim; recorded at Oktaven Studios, New York City, composition year: 2013; time: 6:03

Elliott Carter: Elegy
Arditti Quartet 1974-1994
Arditti Quartet (violins: Irvine Arditti, David Alberman; viola: Garth Knox; cello: Rohan de Saram); recorded at WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Köln June 1991, December 1992; composition year: 1943, arr. for string quartet: 1946); time: 3:39

Michael Vincent Waller: Miniatures III. Return from The Fork
The South Shore
XI Records/2015
piano: Marija Ilic; recorded at Oktaven Studios, New York City, composition year: 2014; time: 3:04

Elliott Carter: Shard
The Music of Elliott Carter Volume Four
Bridge Records/2001
guitar: David Starobin; recorded at Mastersound, NY, December 1997, composition year: 1997; time: 2:37

Ursula Mamlok: Kontraste
I. Humoresque (0:41)
II. Largo e Mesto (2:46)
The Music of Ursula Mamlok Volume Three
Bridge Records/2011
oboe: Heinz Holliger; harp: Ursula Holliger; recorded at Radio Zurich, Switzerland, February 12, 2011; composition years: 2009, 2010; total time: 3:30

Ulrich Krieger: Pitch Black
Winter in the Abyss
Pogus Productions/2015
trombone: Matt Burbier; French horn: Zara Rivera; contrabass trombone: Paul Rivera; recorded at
the Dizzy Gillespie Digital Recording Studio, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California, 2012; edited at π-Farm, Acton, California, 2013, mastered at TV Tray Studio, Valencia, California, 2014, 2015; time: 13:00

Alvin Curran: Coastline (Curran/Lacy)
Maritime Rites
New World Records/2004
soprano saxophone: Steve Lacy; 1985 tape--East Coast U.S. foghorns, U.S. Coast Guard personnel in Maine and Maryland; recorded and mixed by Alvin Curran, Rome, Italy, 1985; time: 11:33

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mikrophonie
Complete Early Percussion Works
Mode Records/2014
(for tamtam, 2 microphones, 2 filters, and controllers); red fish blue fish, director: Steven Schick; recorded at Theater A, University of California San Diego, May 21-22, 2008; composition year: 1964; time: 31:44

Gerard Pape: Makbenach IV
Lux Fugit
trombone: John Kenny; live electronics: Stefan Tiedje; recorded live, Paris, November 2012; composition years: 1998-2012; time: 10:03

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