Sunday, April 24, 2011

Martian Gardens for 04/24/2011

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
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Program for April 24, 2011

George Crumb: Easter Dawning
Complete Crumb Edition, Volume Five
Bridge Records/2001
carillon: Don Cook; recorded at Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City, September, 2001

Lou Harrison: Easter Cantata
a. Sinfonia
b. Audabe
c. Mary's Song at the Tomb
d. Narrative
e. Alleluia

Works 1939-2000
Mode Records/2003
contralto: Michelle Rivard; tenor: Brian Staufenbiel; University of California, Santa Cruz, Chamber Singers; California Parallèle Ensemble and members of the UCSC orchestra; conductor: Nicole Paiement; recorded at the recital hall of the University of California, Santa Cruz, 2001

Akemi Naito: from Voyage
a. Movement I
b. Movement II

Bridge Records/2006
flute: Tara Helen O'Connor; viola: Richard O'Neil; harp: June Han; recorded at Kaufman Astoria Studios, Queens, NY, 4/09/06

Ursula Mamlok: Der Andreasgarten
I. Dunkel...
II. Noch Schläft
III. Und Morgens...
IV. Kleiner Kolibri...
V. Libelle
VI. Rote Scheibe
VII. Taubenflug...
VIII. Andreasgarten...
IX. Der Mond...

Music of Ursula Mamlok, Volume 2
Bridge Records/2010
mezzo-soprano: Rebecca Jo Loeb; flutes: Tara Helen O'Connor; harp: June Han; text: Dwight Mamlok; recorded Kaufman Astoria Studios, Queens, NY, 12/22/09

Lei Liang: Harp Concerto
New World Records/2011
harp: June Han; The Manhattan Sinfonietta; conductor: Jeffrey Milarsky; recorded at Merkin Concert Hall, NYC, 2/18/09

Victoria Jordanova: Once Upon a Time
a. Ballade
b. Danse

Requiem for Bosnia
harp: V. Jordanova

Merce Cunningham event performance: September 12, 1998, Minneapolis
Music for Merce boxed-set
New World Records/2010
live electronics: Takehisa Kosugi; laptop: Jim O'Rourke; turntables: Christian Marclay

Malcolm Goldstein: Spring
The Seasons--Vermont
XI Records/1998
double bass: Robert Black; wood flutes, electric guitar, percussion: Mark Steven Brooks; oboe, English horn, ocarina: Joseph Celli; violin: M. Goldstein; saxophones, vaccuphones: Tom Guralnick; vibraphone, percussion: Brian Johnson; voice, accordion: Kenneth Karpowicz; recorded at Real Art Ways, Hartford, 2/26/83

Annea Lockwood: Floating World, Part 1
Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World
Pogus Productions/2007
environmental recordings from around the world

Shane Hoose: Balance
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 38
Music for Bowling Green State University
MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music

Centaur Records/2010
electronics: S. Hoose; percussion: Roger B. Schupp

Daniel Terrugi: Gestes de l'écrit
CCMIX Paris -- Xenakis/UPIC/Continuum
Mode Records/2001
recorded by D. Terrugi at Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu (Centre d'Etudes de Mathématique et Automatique Musicales -- now CCMIX: Center for Computer Music Iannis Xenakis), 1994

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company: Easter
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. 1970-1973
Cuneiform Records/1999
recorded at the R.A. Moog Co., Trumansburg, NY, 1970

John Morton: Ta-wee
Solo Traveler--Music for Music Boxes
Innova Recordings/2007
music boxes, music box comb, sound processing: John Morton

Amy Horvey: Overture to the Queen of the Music Boxes (Horvey/Goldschneider)
trumpet: A. Horvey; music boxes, toy instruments, tuning forks, digital electronics: Jeff Morton; recorded at St. Philip's Church and Studio 270, Montreal

Annea Lockwood: Floating World, Part 2 (excerpt)
Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World
Pogus Productions/2007
environmental recordings from around the world