Saturday, September 8, 2012

Martian Gardens for September 9, 2012

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for September 9, 2012


Lou Harrison: Song of Quetzalcoatl 
Drums Along the Pacific
New Albion Records/2003
William Winant Percussion Group (William Winant, Todd Manley, David Rosenthal, Daniel Kennedy); recorded at Bay Records, Berkeley, August 1993; composition year: 1941; time: 06:32

Phil Kline: Three Rumsfeld Songs
a. As We Know
b. That Many Vases
c. Near-Perfect Clarity
Zippo Songs
Cantaloupe Music/2004
The Zippo Band (vocals: Theo Bleckmann; violin: Todd Reynolds; guitars: Phil Kline; percussion: David Cossin); recorded at Ft/lb Studio, Brooklyn, August-September 2003; composition year: 2003; time: 5:35

Darren Copeland: They're Trying to Save Themselves
Lost and Found
empreintes DIGITALes/2007
electroacoustic music: Darren Copeland; premiered on Loss and Legacy, Radio One (CBC), September 11, 2002; composition year: 2002; time: 3:53

Eric Lyon: Liberation #1
Ex Cathedra
Centaur Records/2004
computer music: Eric Lyon; composition year: 2003; time: 9:11

Scott A. Wyatt: In the Arms of Peril
Music from SEAMUS volume 11 [various artists]
electroacoustic music: Scott Wyatt; recorded at the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studio; composition year: 2001; time: 10:00

Walter Zimmermann: 10 Fränkische Tänze
Songs of Innocence & Experience
Mode Records/2012
string quartet/drone quartet: Sonar Quartett (violins: Suanne Zapf, Kirsten Harms; viola: Nikolaus Schlierf; cello: Cosima Gerhardt); recorded at Siemens-Villa Berlin-Lankowitz, Germany, February 2011; composition year: 1977; time: 12:56

Miguel Del Aguila: Pacific Serenade 
I. Cantando, semplice
II. Recitando, molto rubato
Exchange -- Latin America [various artists]
Pacific Serenade Ensemble (clarinet: Gary Gray; violins: Miwako Watanabe, Connie Kupta; viola: Simon Oswell; viola: David Speltz); recorded at the Biltmore Hotel, Los Angales, March 15, 1999; composition year: 1998; time: 7:15

John Cage: Imaginary Landscape No. 1
The 25-Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage
instruments: constant and variable frequency records, cymbal, and piano; performers: John Cage, Doris Dennison, Xenia Cage, Margaret Jansen); recorded at Town Hall, New York City, May 15, 1958; composition year: 1939; time: 8:30

David Tudor and John Cage: Rainforest II/Mureau (excerpt)
New World Records/2000
live electronics: David Tudor; voice, pre-recorded tape: John Cage; text: Henry David Thoreau; recorded at Radio Bremen, May 5, 1972; composition year: 1972/1970; excerpt time: 11:30

John Cage: Art and Overpopulation & Royanji
From Zero
Mode Records/2004 (orig. 1995)
Art and Overpopulation lecture delivered at Stanford University, January 1992; Royanji (soprano: Isabelle Ganz, percussion: Michael Pugliese); composition years: 1992/1983-1985; time: 26:00

If, Bwana: Walking der Dog
I, Angelica
Pogus Productions/2002
tapes, synthesizers, computer, and other instruments: Al Margolis; walking dog: Ted the Dog; time: 12:06

Tom Hamilton: What Fell Through
Local Customs
Mutable Music/2009
flute: Jacqueline Martelle; clarinets: Richard Cohen; trombone: James Martin; contrabass: Terry Kippenburger; percussion: Rich O'Donnell; electronic harmony generator: Tom Hamilton; recorded at Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri; composition year: 2005; time: 8:11 

Alvin Lucier: 40 Rooms
Wind Shdadows 
New World Records/2005 
for quintet and digital reverberation system; The Barton Workshop (clarinet: John Anderson; violin: Marieke Keser; cello: Judith Van Swaay; double bass: Jos Tieman; trombone: James Fulkerson; directors: James Fulkerson, Frank Denyer);recorded in the Maria Minor Kerk; Ultrecht, The Netherlands; May 12, 2003; composition year: 1996; time: 15:12