Friday, December 7, 2012

Martian Gardens for December 9-10, 2012

Sundays live broadcast/webcast
21:00--24:00 EST
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
December 9, 2012

webcast: Mondays 9:00 -- Noon EST
December 10, 2012 
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

David Rosenboom: In the Beginning I: (Electronic)
In The Beginning [1978-1981]
New World Records/2012
David Rosenboom: Buchla & Associates 300 Series Electric Music Box; recorded at the Music Gallery, Toronto, January 19, 1979; composition year: 1978; time: 23:48

Hilda Paredes: Ah Paaxo'ob
Listen How They Talk -- Chamber Music 1998 - 2001
Mode Records/2005
Ensemble Modern, conductor: Stefan Asbury; recorded at the Hessischer Rundfunk, Alte Oper Frankfurt, May 19, 2001; composition year: 2001; time: 19:00

Alexander Berne & The Abandoned Orchestra:
a. Far Afield Recording
b. Pulsationism
c. An Unnamed Diary of Places I Went Alone I*
d. An Unnamed Diary of Places I Went Alone XV*
Self Referentials Volumes 1 & 2
Innova Recordings/2012
recorded at Mirabella Studios, Florida; composition year: 2012; time: a, b. 7:25; c,d. 2:50
*TAINTRADIO version only

Jorge Reyes: Tejido de Sueños (Cola de Venado)*
Silent Records/1993
composed and performed by Jorge Reyes; recorded at Jovel Tonstudio, Münster, 1989; composition year: 1989; time: 3:39
* Tejido de Sueños (Cola de Venado) (Quilt of Dreams -- Deer Tail) accidentally credited as "El Contador de Historias" on TAINT RADIO version.

Arturo Ruiz del Pozo: Lago de Totoras 
Tensions at the Vanguard -- New Music from Peru (1948-1979)
Pogus Productions/2012
music for magnetic tape recorded at the Electronic Music Laboratory, Royal College of Music, London; composition year: 1978; time: 6:25

Louis DuFort: Enfant d'Obus (Bomb Child)
Matériaux Composés
Empreintes Digitales/2008
electroacoustic music realized at the composer's studio in Montreal, 2007, from DuFort's opera L’archange (2008); composition year: 2007; time: 10:02
Julius Eastman: 
a. Introduction to the Northwestern University Concert
b. Evil Nigger
Unjust Malaise
New World Records/2005
a. spoken introduction: Julius Eastman; Northwestern University; b. pianos: Julius Eastman, Frank Ferko, Janet Kattas, Patricia Martin, recorded at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, January 16, 1980; composition year: 1979; time: 28:00

Eve Beglarian: My Heart is Trembling
60 x 60 -- 2004/2005
Vox Novus/2006
voice, electronics: Eve Beglarian; composition year: 2005; time: 1:00

Eve Beglarian: The Garden of Cyrus, Section III
O.O. Discs/1998
electronics: Eve Beglarian; composition year: 1984-1986; time: 2:19 
*TAINT RADIO version only

Laurie Spiegel: 
a. Music for Dance Part 1
b. Music for Dance Part 2
The Expanding Universe
Unseen Worlds/2012 (orig. LP Philo/1980)
 FORTRAN program: Laurie Spiegel; recorded at Bell Labs, March 1975; time: 15:00

Steve Reich:  City Life
a. Check it Out
b. Pile driver/alarms
c. It's been a honeymoon -- can't take no mo'
d. Heartbeats/boats and buoys
e. Heavy smoke
The Minimalists [Reich, Riley, Andriessen, Gann, Adams, Lang]
Mode Records/2009
performed by Orkest De Volharding, conductor: Jussi Jaatinen; percussion: Tatiana Koleva; clarinet: Fie Schouten; piano: Sepp Grotenhuis; samplers: Anthony Fiumara; recorded at MCO Studios, Hilversum, The Netherlands, April 28-30, 2009; composition year: 1995; time: 23:30

Pierre Schaeffer: 
a. Variations sur une flute Mexicane (Variations on a Mexican flute)*
b. Etude aux chemins de fer (Railroad Study)
L'œuvre Musicale
Electronic Music Foundation/1998
a. recorded by Pierre Henry at Radio IV, Paris, November 3, 1949; b. from Cinq études de bruits (Five Noise Studies), recorded on French National Radio, Paris Channel, October 5, 1948; composition years: a. 1949, b. 1948; 
time: a. 3:45/b. 2:53
*TAINT RADIO version only

Laurie Anderson: Sharkey's Day
Mister Heartbreak
Warner Bros./1984
Synclavier, whistle, lyrics, vocal: Laurie Anderson; guitar: Adrian Below; drums: Anton Fier; percussion: Daniel Ponce; backing vocals: Michelle Cobbs, Dollette McDonald, Brenda Nelson (November); recorded in New York City, 1983; time: 7:41

Laurie Anderson: Structuralist Filmmaking *
You're the Guy I Want to Share My Money With 
East Side Digital/1993 (orig. LP Giorno Poetry Sytems/1981)
music, text: Laurie Anderson; reader; unnamed; from the installation "Dark Dogs, American Dreams," Holly Solomon Gallery, New York City, 1980; time: 1:12  
*TAINT RADIO version only

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