Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Martian Gardens for 11/01/2009

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EST
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog
email: maxtshea@gmail.com

Program for November 1, 2009

Tom Waits: November
The Black Rider
Island Records/1993
piano, banjo, vocal, lyrics: T. Waits; bass, accordion: Greg Cohen; saw: Don Neely

Ilse Weber: I Wander Through Theresienstadt
Spiritual Resistance--Music from Theresienstadt
Bridge Records/2009
voice: Wolfgang Holzmair

Arie Shapira: Gideon Klein's Marterstraße
Different Compositions 1967-2003
Arie Shapira/2004 (compiled)
piano: Uriel Tzachor; violin: Carmela Leiman; clarinet: Ilan Schul; vocal: A. Shapira; text: G. Klein, “Concert in the Attic of the Old School”

Gideon Klein: Tri písne (Three Songs)]
a. Vodotrysk (The Fountain)
b. Polovina života (The Middle of Life)
c. Soumrak shůry sesouvá (Twilight Sank from High Above)
Spiritual Resistance--Music from Theresienstadt
Bridge Records/2009
baritone: Wolfgang Holzmair; piano: Russell Ryan; texts: (a)Johann Klaj,(b) Friedrich Hölderlin, (c) Goethe; recorded March, 2008, at the Music Room at Caramoor, Katonah, New York

Stefan Wolpe: Excerpts from Dr. Einstein's Address About Peace in the Atomic Era
Vocal Music
Bridge Records/2007
baritone: Patrick Mason; piano: Robert Shannon; text: Albert Einstein, February 12, 1950

Jim Fox: Colorless Sky Became Fog
Cold Blue Night @ REDCAT, 2/18/06 (CD-R)
Cold Blue Music/2006 (compiled)
hammered dulcimer: Theresa Diamond; piano: Bryan Pezzone; violin: Robin Lorentz; cellos: Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, Jessica Catron; double bass: Barry Newton; recorded 2/18/06 at REDCAT, Disney Hall, Los Angeles

Tim Brady: Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously*
Scenarios -- Music for Electric Guitar, Electronics, and Tape
Justin Time Records/1994

George Todd: Wordscapes --
a. Word
b. Water Asleep
c. Green Idea

Green Ideas Furiously Asleep
Electronic Music Foundation/1996

Larry Kucharz: Green Wash no. 3
Ambient Green Washes
International Audiochrome/2005

Lynn Job: Lake House Letter
60 x 60 -- 2006/2007 #
Vox Novus/2008

Susan Botti: 3 Poèmes de Jaccottet
a. Je ne veux plus me poser
b. La ou la terre s'achève
c. La Veillée funèbre

Listen, It's Snowing
piano: Daniel Kirk-Foster; soprano: S. Botti; texts: Philippe Jacottet; recorded 12/04/97 at the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Michael Tenzer:
a. Invention
b. Etude
Let Others Name You
New World Records/2009
piano: Naoko Christ-Kato; recorded at Kammermusiksaal Musikhochschule, Lubeck, 2/22/05

Lynn Job: Lily
60 x 60 -- 2006/2007 #
Vox Novus/2008

Walter Zimmermann: Lied Im Wustenvogelton (Song in the Tone of a Desert Bird)**
The Echoing Green -- Chamber Works 1986-1989
Mode Records/2005
bass-flute: Dietmar Wiesner; piano: Hermann Kretschmar; Recorded at Studio Beginner, Berlin, 5/31/01

Maggi Payne: Interpolation -- Mobile pour flûte (1, 2, et 3)
(R. Haubenstock-Ramati)
The Extended Flute

John Cage: Three Seconds on Zen Buddhism
From Zero (DVD)
Mode Records/2004 (orig. 1995)
director: Frank Scheffer; text, voice, stopwatch: J. Cage

David Claman: The Next Number
Music by David Claman (CD-R)
David Claman/2005 (compiled)

Jackson Mac Low: Thanks
Open Secrets
XI Records/1992
voices: Anne Tardos; J. Mac Low; realization: Three superimposed duo-performances circa 1982-1993, texts: "Forties" (J. Mac Low), "Girl over the Eiffel Tower" (Tibor Tardos), "Nostalgia Ain't What It Used to Be" (Simone Signoret), WordPerfect magazine, March 1993 issue

Istvan Marta: October
The Wind Rises -- Electropleinair sound diary -- 1973, 1985-1986
ReR Megacorp/1998
sounds: Rain, distant thunder near Budapest

José Mataloni: Adivinanza
Magical Realism of Sound
José Mataloni/2003

David Claman: Loomings
Music by David Claman (CD-R)
David Claman/2005 (compiled)

Daniel Zajicek: Rituals

Ned Bouhalassa: Songe Errant
Gratte-cite (DVD)
empreintes DIGITALes/2008

Judith Shatin: Glimmerings
60 x 60 -- 2003 #
Vox Novus/2004

James Mobberley: Caution to the Winds
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 33 #
Toys in the Attic: Electroacoustic Music from the UMKC iMPACT Center
Centaur Records/2002
piano: Richard Cass

Charity Chan:
a. Cabinets of Curiosities I
b. Cabinets of Curiosities II
Somewhere the Sea and Salt
extended piano, objects: C. Chan

*Both Tim Brady and George Todd play on Noam Chomsky's famous grammatically correct but semantically nonsensical sentence, and in my opinion, there are far too many colorless "green" ideas nowadays pushed by commercial interests who, in the end, will only make our fading green world all the more colorless.

**Zimmermann takes this title "Lied Im Wustenvogelton" (Song in the Tone of a Desert Bird) from a Nietzsche poem of the same name


Monday, October 26, 2009

My fund drive gripe

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Anyway, if you tried to call in during my Fund Drive program and did not get through, you probably called while I was speaking on microphone. There were no volunteers to answer phones. None. Zero Zip.

Hey, who cares about Martian Gardens?

Fund Drive week is the one week of the year during which I really get passionate about the idea that working on Martian Gardens for the other 51 weeks is totally...not worth it.

Therefore, I am changing the format to shake-your-booty funk-rock or maybe that AAA Adult Acoustic Alternative drivel all the folks here in the Happy Valley love so well.

Who gives a crap about John Cage or Pauline Oliveros? We wanna giddown and boogie!

Or maybe I could just broadcast Noam Chomsky speeches and New Age vegan gardeners talking wheat grass juice and herbal douche. Then I'd bring in tons of cash!

Meh. I'm just venting. I'll get over it. Negativity won't get the job done either

But, hey, you can still donate to the WMUA fund drive for the sake of Martian Gardens @ (413) 577-3000 or via the Donate link at wmua.org.



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Martian Gardens for 10/25/2009

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog
email: maxtshea@gmail.com

Program for October 25, 2009


Steve Roach & Roger King: Lost and Forgotten
Dust to Dust

Christopher Roberts: Traveling Alone
Last Cicada Singing
Cold Blue Music/2009
qin: C. Roberts

Alarm Will Sound: Movimento preciso e meccanico (G. Ligeti)
Nonesuch Records
Alarm Will Sound; conductor: Alan Pierson

Gyorgy Ligeti: Continuum for Harpsichord
(six works)
harpsichord: Antoinette Vischer

Larry Nelson: Seven Clay Songs
a. Begin Here
b. Dense Clay List
c. O Let's Go Visit
d. Who Comes?
e. Drenched Tidings
f. Ben-Ray Dots
g. Begin Again

The Starry Messenger--Chamber Music of Larry Nelson
Albany Records/2005
soprano: Sharla Nafziger; piano: Charles Abramovic; text: Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Barney Childs: Clay Music
The Complete 10-Inch Series from Cold Blue Music
Cold Blue Music/2003
instrumentation--Space whistles, transverse flute, tuba flutes, small necklace ocarinas, middle-sized ocarinas (tuned in E and C), bass ocarina, pipes, Aztec pipes, double pipe, triple pipes; performers: Susan Rawcliffe Lisette Rabinow, Georgia Lwan, Scott Wilkinson; recorded in Los Angeles 2/28/81

Forrest Fang: A Walk Through the Clouds

Jorge Reyes: Danza de los Peyoteros
Silent Records/1993

a. Empty Roads
b. Vacant Cities

Hidden Topographies
The Foundry/1998

Diane Thome: Ringing, Stillness, Pearl Light
Palaces of Memory
Centaur Records/1995
piano: D. Thome; recorded at Lumiere Studio, Lake Forest Park, Washington

Mark Trayle: Primitive Still Life (With Pairs)
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 30 #
Transmigration Mussic: Music from the Center for Experiments in
Art, Information, and Technology, California Institute of Arts

Centaur Records/2000
recorded at CEIT, 1998

Ronald Perera: Alternate Routes
Crossing the Meridian
produced at Bregman Electronic Music Studios, Dartmouth, 1971

Max Neuhaus: Four Amplified Cymbals (E. Brown)
Electronics and Percussion
Columbia Masterworks/1969
realized 1964

Earle Brown: Octet I (for eight loudspeakers)
Selected Works 1952-1965
New World Records/2006
realized via the Project for Music and Magnetic Tape, Columbia University, 1953

Pauline Oliveros: Something Else
No Mo
Pogus Productions/2002
realized with Lafayette tone generators, noise source, tape delay, Mills College, 1966

Iannis Xenakis: Mycenae Alpha
CCMIX Paris --- Xenakis/UPIC/Continuum #
Mode Records/2001
realized at UPIC, Paris, 1978