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Martian Gardens, July 22, 2016

Host: Max Shea 
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Meredith Monk: Ellis Island
Piano Songs
ECM New Series/2014
pianos: Ursula Oppens, Bruce Brubaker; recorded at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, April 2012; composition year: 1981; time: 2:59

The Gregg Smith Singers: I Have Heard... (D. Hindman)
Like Shining
Living Music Foundation/2001
The Gregg Smith Singers, director: Gregg Smith; recorded at Canterbury Methodist Church, Birmingham, Alabama; composer: Dorothy Hindman; composition year: 1993; text: Walt Whitman; time: 5:06

Orlando Jacinto Garcia: On the Eve of the Second Year Anniversary of Morton's Death
La Belleza del Silencio (The Beauty of Silence)
O.O. Discs/1991
The Gregg Smith Singers, director: Gregg Smith; composition year: 1989; time: 12:55

(In memory of Gregg Smith, August 21, 1931 -- July 12, 2016)

Morton Feldman: Four Songs to e.e. cummings
a. !blac  (0:41)
b. air (0:32)
c. (sitting in a tree-) (1:17)
d. moan (0:42)
Voices and Instruments
Mode Records/2002
members of The Barton Workshop -- soprano: Claron McFadden; piano: Frank Denyer; cello: John Addison; texts: e.e. cummings; recorded in The Netherlands 1998-2000; composition year: 1951; total time: 3:05

Jenny Olivia Johnson: The After Time (Dancing)
Don't Look Back
Innova Recordings/2015
vocals: Megan Schubert, Amanda Crider; ingredients may include: clarinets: Eileen Mack; bassoon: Andrew Delcios; violin: Todd Reynolds; cellos: Peter Gregson, David Russell, Melinda Menzes; guitars: Lisa Liu; electric guitar, didgeridoo: Dan Kozak; pianos: Isabelle O'Connell, Eliko Akahori, Jake Penn Kozak; percussion: Jude Traxler; electronics, percussion, synthesizer, lyrics: Jenny Olivia Johnson; conductor: Nathaniel Berman; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, New York; time: 5:58

Reconnaissance Fly: The Animal Trade in Canada
Flower Futures
Edgetone Records/2014
voice, flute, guitar: Polly Moller; keyboards: Amanda Chaudhary; clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone: Rich Lesnick; bass guitar, electronics: Tim Walters; drums: Larry the O; recorded in San Francisco; time: 8:13

Alan Sondheim:
a. 782 (1:57)
b. 770 (3:21)
ESP-Disk/2008 (orig. LP/1967)
vocals: Ruth Ann Hutchinson; bass: Chris Mattheson; tabla: Barry Sugarman; suling, xylophone: Alan Sondheim; recorded in Providence, Rhode Island, January 1967; total selections time: 5:18

Joseph Bertolozzi: Continuum
Tower Music
Bertolozzi Plays the Eiffel Tower
Innova Recordings/2015
percussion, samples: Joseph Bertolozzi (samples from The Audio Library of the Eiffel Tower, Paris), composition year: 2014; time: 3:19

Steve Reich: Mallet Quartet, Movement 3 -- Fast
Third Coast Percussion performs Steve Reich
Third Coast Percussion; recorded at the University of Notre Dame's DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, December 15-19, 2014; composition year: 2009; time: 5:03

Jorge Reyes: Argol Sagrado
The Flayed God
percussion: Jorge Reyes; recorded El Cuarto de Maquinas, Mexico City, 1990; remixed by Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes, The Timeroom, Tucson, Arizona; time: 1:30


Philip Mantione: Motel
Scattered Music/2001
motel room telephone comments/noises curated by Phil Mantione; processing; Phil Mantione; recorded for the "One Night Stand" art show (Tamara Fites, Michael Lewis Miller); Farmers's Daughter Motel, Los Angeles, July 2001; time: 15:12

Twisted Tutu: Touchtone Tony
Play Nice
O.O. Discs/1999
telephony, processing: Eve Beglarian, Ben Rubin; phone message: Touchtone Tony, the Hotline Homeboy; composition year: 1994; time: 1:43

Lee Noyes & J.C. Combs: Confessions
Confessions of a Deviant Machine
Con-V Edition/2011
percussion, prepared piano, electronics, processing: Lee Noyes; electronics, piano, processing: J.C. Combs; recorded in Dunedin, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington, 2009-2011; time: 4:05

Erdem Helvacıoğlu: Blank Mirror
Wounded Breath
Aucourant Records/2008
electroacoustic music: Erdem Helvacıoğlu; recorded at Itu Miam Studio, Istanbul, Turkey; composition year: 2006; time: 9:36

Joseph Byrd: Water Music
NYC 1960-1963
New World Records/2013
electronic tape and percussion; percussion: Alan Zimmerman; recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, October 16, 2010; composition year: 1963; time: 12:46

Jane Rigler: Internally Rarefied (index one)
Neuma Records/2015
piccolo, electronics: Jane Rigler; prepared guitar, banjo: Janet Feder; piano, farfisa organ, Nintendeo DS, keyboards: Shoko Nagai; percussion, electronics: Satoshi Takeishi; recorded at Immersive Studios, Boulder, Colorado, 2013, 2014; time: 3:21

Francis Dhomont: Studio de nuit
empreintes DIGITALes/2002
electroacoustic music on stereo tape realized at the composer's studio, Avignon, France, 1992; spoken voice: Francis Dhomont; additional comments: Laurie Radford, Pierre Daboval, Justice Olsson, Marie Pelletier, Jean-François Denis, and Pierre Louet; premiered at Futura 95: Acousma international 12, Crest, Drôme, France, September 2, 1995; time: 3:00

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