Friday, November 21, 2014

Martian Gardens for November 23 & 26, 2014

Sundays live broadcast/webcast
9:00 p.m. -- 12:00 a.m. EST
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
November 12, 2014

webcast: Wednesdays 6:00 p.m. -- 9:00 p.m. EST
Webcast date: November 19, 2014
Host: Max Shea

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Robert Scott Thompson: Among the Unlaboring Stars
Gold Flowers Bloom Mercury Petals
Aucourant Records/2009
electronics, synthesizers: Robert Scott Thompson; recorded at the composer's studio, Roswell Georgia; time: 4:07

Triple Point: Spin Density
Pogus Productions/2014
Triple Point (Pauline Oliveros, Jonas Braasch, Doug Van Nort: electronics, sound systems); recorded at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), Troy, New York, August 2012; time: 13:00

Maggi Payne: 60 Spin
60 x 60 (2003)
Capstone Records/2004
electroacoustic music: Maggi Payne; recorded at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland, California; composition year: 2003; time: 1:00

Joan La Barbara: Flash!
60 x 60 -- 2006/2007 [various artists]
Vox Novus/2008
violin: Ariana Kim; composition year: 2008; time: 0:45

Tom Johnson: Squares: dialectic music
Correct Music
Populist Records/2012
(for narration and a solo instrument); narration: Douglas Wadle; viola: Andrew Nathaniel McIntosh; recorded at the home of Dr. William Rutherford, Mount Washington, California; composition year: 2008; time: 6:47

Ron Nagorcka: Thus spake Zoothera 
from Just Bluffing for Quamby
Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art
Pogus Productions/2014
electroacoustic music in just intonation based on the sounds of Quamby Bluff, Tasmania; composition year: 2006; time: 6:03

Kraftwerk: Morgenspaziergang (morning stroll)
Kling Klang/1986 (orig. Philips LP/1974)
synthesizers, electronics, recorder, electronics sound effects and synthesized bird songs: Kraftwerk; recorded at Kling Klang and Conny's Studio, Germany; time: 4:04

Elainie Lillios: Listening Beyond...
Entre espaces (Between Spaces)
empreintes DIGITALes/2011
electroacoustic music realized at the Electroacoustic Studio of the Center for Computation & Technology, Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, 2007; premiered at the High Voltage concert in the Recital Hall at Louisiana State University, December 3, 2007; time: 8:20

Carey Nutman: Interlude 2014 Harmonic
MPS Music & Video/2014
computer music: Carey Nutman; time: 2:31

Genevieve Robertson & Jayson Ellerbeck: Killing Fields
Deep Wireless 3 -- Radio Art Compilation (various artists)
New Adventures in Sound Art/2006
guitar, narration, field recordings, processing:  Robertson & Ellerbeck; recorded in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; time: 5:12

Anna Rubin: Landmine
Electric Music (Rubin/Hollander)
Capstone Records/2004 (via Neuma Records)
(for amplified electric cello, live electronics, and digital audio); electric cello: Jeffrey Krieger; featured narratives: David Levi Strauss on landmines in Cambodia; Human Rights Watch Report on Landmines; composition year: 2001; time: 16:20

Annea Lockwood: Buoyant
Ground of Being
Recital Records/2014
field recordings (water sounds, Flathead Lake, Montana; boat sounds, Hoboken Ferry Terminal, New Jersey and Lake Como, Italy); composition year: 2013; time: 6:18

Frank Denyer: Two Beacons
Silenced Voices
Mode Records/2008
(for large ensemble, muted instruments, percussion, flutes, male and female voices); The Barton Workshop, directors: Frank Denyer & James Fulkerson; recorded at Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam, March 21, 2006; Darlington College of Arts, UK, July 3, 2006; composition year: 2005; time: 14:21

James Dashow: ...At other times, the distances
Cultures Électroniques 14 (various artists)
Mnémosyne Musique Média/2002
electroacoustic music realized at IMEB, Bourges, France, 1999; time: 12:46

James Dashow: Reconstructions
James Dashow -- Thomas DeLio
Neuma Records/1995
(for harp and computer); harp: Lucia Bova; recorded at Wonderland Studio, Rome, Italy; composition year: 1992; time: 13:36

Toshi Ichiyanagi: Music for Piano No. 4
Music from the Tudorfest
San Francisco Tape Music Center 1964
New World Records/2014
pianos: Pauline Oliveros, David Tudor; recorded at the San Francisco Tape Music Center, April 6, 1964; composition year: 1960; time: 20:37

David Tudor: Rainforest Version 1 (excerpt)
Mode Records/1998
live electronics: David Tudor & Takehisa Kosugi; recorded in New Delhi, India, 1990; composition year: 1968; excerpt time: 6:00

Pauline Oliveros: In Memoriam: Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Engineer (excerpt)*
Music for Merce 1952-2009 (boxed-set) [various artists]
New World Records/2010
live electronics, voices, acoustical-space-sound activators: John Cage, Gordon Mumma, Jean Rigg, David Tudor; recorded on tour 1972 for the dance "Canfield" (1969), The Merce Cunningham Dance Company; composition year: 1969; excerpt time: 9:44 

*Taint Radio version only

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