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Bells & Whistles for July 17, 2014

Bells & Whistles

A survey of world music and its derivatives

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July 17, 2014

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Bora Yoon: Doppler Dreams

Sunken Cathedral
Innova Recordings/2014
vocals, bells, percussion: Bora Yoon; time: 7:45

Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares:
a. A Young Maiden is Arriving (1:03)
b. A Soft Wind is Blowing (3:00)
Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony
Mesa Recordings/1993
Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares, director: Dora Hristova; recorded live at Nidaros Cathedral Trondheim, Norway March, 10th 1993; style: Bulgarian female folk choir; total time: 4:03

Yasna Voices:
a. Dreams Song (2:49)
b. Seamstress Work Song (2:19)
c. Harvest Calls (0:35)
Yasna Voices
Yasna Vooices: Sue Dennis, Kristen Espeland, Rachel Freeman, Joy Nirenstein, Sarah Small, Corinna Snyder, Erin Strafford; director: Vlada Touma; (a,b,c: traditional; arr. Nicolai Kaufman, Vlada Touma); recorded at Manhattan Producers Alliance, New York City, October 10, 2004; style: Bulgarian female folk choir; total time: 6:33

Meredith Monk: Travellers 4/Churchyard Entertainment
Book of Days
voices: Robert Een, Andrea Goodman, Meredith Monk, Nicky Paraiso, Naaz Hosseini, Ching Gonzalez. Joan Barber, Timothy Sawyer, John Eppler; keyboards: Nurit Tilles; recorded at Clinton Studios, New York City, June 1989; style: mixed chorus, extended vocals; time: 6:34

István Mártha, Szkárosi Endre, Sándor Bernáth:
a. Church (3:35)
b. October (1:05)
The Wind Rises
ReR Megacorp/1998
a. vocal: Márta Sebestyén; organ: Istvan Martha; b. rain, thunderstorm; recorded in Hungary and Romania, 1973, 1987; style: Hungarian folks song and field recordings; total time: 4:40

The Skein: Jingle Bitch
Cities and Eyes
Henceforth Records/2009
electric accordion, sound effects, samples, live processing, piano, voice: Andrea Parkins; electronics, voice: Jessica Constable; recorded at Studio G, Brooklyn, New York, 2004 - 2008; style: experimental; time: 3:26

Márta Sebestyén: Tavasz Tavasz (Spring, Spring)
vocals: Márta Sebestyén; electronics, wind instruments: Károly Cserepes; backing vocals: Anna Cserepes, Levente Szörényi; drums: Donászi Tibor; violin: Janos Hasur; bass: Szabolcs Szoranyi; chime bells: Laszlo Hortobagyi; electric double bass: Mihály Huszár; recorder: Ferenc Kiss; recorded in Hungary; style: Hungarian folk, pop; time: 3:43

Huun-Huur-Tu & The Bulgarian Voices »Angelite«: Lonely Bird
Fly, Fly My Sadness
overtone solo voices: Sonja Iovkova, Anatoly Kuular; arr. Mikhail Alperin; choir: the Bulgarian Voices »Angelite«, recorded at the Studio of Bulgarian Television, Sofia, November 1995; style: Bulgarian Choir and Tuvan overtone throat singing; time: 10:57

Monks Of Loseling Dratsang Of Drepung Monastery: Ngontog Gyan
Ornament for Clear Realization
Tibet: The Heart of Dharma
Ellipsis Arts/1996
chanting, percussive accompaniment: Loeseling Dratsang monks: style: traditional Tibetan Buddhist chanting; time: 12:44

Steve Roach: Serpent's Rebirth
At the Edge of Everything
Timeroom Editions/2013
electronics, synthesizers, percussion, didgiridoo, processed voice, harmonica, looping: Steve Roach; fujara-overtone flute, hand percussion, voice: Vidna Obmana; free drum: Jeffrey Fayman; recorded at The E-Live Festival, Veldhoven, Netherlands, September 11, 2000; style: ambient, tribal; time: 12:25

Fritz Hauser: Deep Time (excerpt)
Deep Time
Deep Listening/2005
accordion, extended instrument system: Pauline Oliveros; extended instrument system, electronics, miscellaneous instruments: David Gamper; saxophones: Urs Leimgruber; percussion: Fritz Hauser; recorded in Basel, Switzerland, May 1991; style: experimental, improvisational; excerpt time: 4:00

Wendy Mae Chambers: Snake of the Deep Waters
New World Records/1998
percussion: Michael Pugliese, Randy Crafton, Jason Cirker, Charles Kiger, Andy Bowman, Kory Grossman, Mark Belair, Dan McMillan, Frank Cassara, David Cossin, Jimmy Musto, Dominic Donato, conductor: Howard Van Hyning; recorded at St. Paul's Chapel, Columbia University, July 21, 1994; style: percussion tone poem; time: 4:42

Emilio Barreto: Equa O
Liberation Theology
Music for Future Ancestors
Luz Productions/2002
vocals: Emilio Barreto; bass: Melvin Gibbs; percussion: Nami Assis; saxophone: Michael Garr; drums: Tarrion Guilly; trumpet: Graham Haynes; guitar: James Hurt; turntables: DJ Logic; keyboards: John Medeski; style: Afro-Cuban jazz; time: 3:15

Cheb I Sabbah: Madh Assalhin (Praising of the Saints)
La Kahena
Six Degrees/2005
electronics, processing: Cheb I Sabbah; lead voice, tabla: Lala Kaboura Ben Faraj; voices, bendirs, tryer: Fatima Khaelef, Tarjima Khabouj, Fatema Legren, Zoubida Azzarkaoula; style: Indian percussion, electronica; time: 8:11

Muslimgauze: Curfew, Gaza
Extreme Records/1992
percussion, composition: Bryn Jones; vocals, Arabic percussion: Zarawar Singh; vocal, Indian percussion; Said Nasser; keyboards, engineering: Mark Lawrence; recorded in Manchester, England; style: trance, percussion, world fusion; time: 10:37

Muslimgauze: Hand of Fatima
Hand of Fatima
percussion, samples, processing: Bryn Jones; recorded in Manchester, England; style: Middle Eastern percussion, experimental; time: 11:08

Alvin Curran: Shin Far Shofar I
Shofar Rags
shofar, sampler, electronics: Alvin Curran; recorded in Rome, Italy, 2008 for the Alef Bet Sound Project (Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco); style: shofar, experimental, classical; time:11:22

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