Saturday, June 9, 2012

Martian Gardens for 06/03/2012

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for June 3, 2012
Extended Edition 21:00--00:30 June 3-4, 2012

(b. May 30, 1932) --
Featuring Dean Rosenthal for additional conversation and commentary.

Pauline Oliveros: Greetings/Saludos
Deep Listening/1998
accordion and Expanded Instrument System: P. Oliveros/djembe and EIS: David Gamper; voice and EIS: Julie Lyon Rose

Pauline Oliveros/Stuart Dempster: Ione
Deep Listening
New Albion Records/1989
accordion: P. Oliveros; trombone, dijeridu: S. Dempster; recorded using Deep Listening method in the Fort Worden Cistern, Port Townsend, Washington, 1988

Pauline Oliveros: Beautiful Soop
Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop
Pogus Productions/1997
recorded at the San Francisco Tape Music Center, Mills College, 1966, using the Buchla Box 100 synthesizer and tape delay system

Paul Dresher: In the Nameless
a. Without Attack
b. Quad 9/4
c. Rods Resonance
d. Tragic Rhapsody
e. Longitude 
f. Delta Clave 
Cage Machine
New Albion Records/2004
instrumentation: Quadrachord long string instrument; Marimba Lumina MIDI percussion controller (designed by Don Buchla); performers: Joel Davel, Paul Dresher, Yuri Merzhevsky; recorded at Dresher Ensemble Studios, Berkeley, 2004

Robert Erickson: Pacific Sirens
Pacific Sirens
New World Records/2003
Cleveland Chamber Symphony, conductor: Edwin London, recorded at Waetjen Auditorium, Cleveland, April 8, 2001 (electronically treated tape recorded at Pescadero Beach, California, 1969)

Roger Reynolds: from Whispers Out of Time
a. Like a Wave Breaking on a Rock
b. The Surprise, the Tension Are in the Concept
c. A Chill, a Blight Moving Outward
Whispers Out of Time
New World Records/1990
violin: Négyesy János; viola: Yun-Jie Liu; cello: Peter Farrell; contrabass: Bertram Turetzky; The San Diego Symphony Ensemble, conductor: Harvey Sollberger: recorded at the University of San Diego, February 1989

Pauline Oliveros: music from Lunar Opera
excerpts from incidental music provided by Dean Rosenthal; electroacoustic music composed by Andrew Deutsch; performed at Damrosch Park Bandshel, Lincoln Center, August 2000 

Andrew Deutsch: Trans-Parent Directory
Bode Sound Project [various artists]
Institute for Electronic Arts/2006
Bode Vocoder designed by Harald Bode; music composed and performed by Andrew Deutsch

Alvin Lucier: Piper
Ever Present
Mode Records/2007
bagpipe: Matthew Welch; recorded at Crowell Hall, Wesleyan University, November 22, 2000

Morton Subotnick: Gestures -- It Begins with Colors
The Electronic Works I
Mode Records/2001
electronic music: M. Subotnick; voices: Joan La Barbara, Thomas Buckner; text: Melody Sumner Carnahan; cello: Lisa McCormick; recorded at the University of California San Diego, 1999-2001

Pauline Oliveros: Poem of Change
Lesbian American Composers [various artists]
accordion, voice, text: P. Oliveros; World War II sounds provided by the library of the WDR; recorded at Studio Akustische Kunst, Westdeutsche Rundfunk by Klaus Schoening, 1992

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