Thursday, January 3, 2013

Martian Gardens for January 13-14, 2013

Sundays live broadcast/webcast
21:00--24:00 EST
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
January 13, 2013

webcast: Mondays 9:00 -- Noon EST
January 14, 2013
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog


Christian Wolff: 
a. Bread and Roses 0:50
b. Bread and Roses 8:50
Bread and Roses -- Works for Piano 1976-1983
Mode Records/1995
a. original tune (Caroline Kohlsaat, 1912); b. variations (Christian Wolff); piano: Sally Pinkas; recorded at the Performing Arts Concert Hall, University of California Santa Cruz; December 1993; composition year: 1976

Commemorating the 101st anniversary of the Bread and Roses Strike beginning January, 1912, Lawrence, Massachusetts 

Frederic Rzewski: 
The People United Will Never Be Defeated! (First Cycle/Cadenza)
a. Theme and Variations 1
b. Variation 2
c. Variation 3
d. Variation 4
e. Variation 5
f. Variation 6
g. Cadenza
The People United Will Never Be Defeated!
Bridge Records/2012
piano: Ole Killerich; variations on the song "¡El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!" (Sergio Ortega); recorded at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Odense, Denmark, May 2002; composition year: 1975; excerpts time: 12:00

Richard Teitelbaum: Threshold Symphonies (excerpt)
Solo Live
Mutable Music/2012
Kurzweil 2000 Sampler Keyboard, piano, bells, slide whistle, Crackle Box, laptop: Richard Teitelbaum; composition year: 1973; excerpt time: 10:00

Annea Lockwood: Tiger Balm
Source -- Music of the Avant Garde, Source Records 1-6, 1968-1971 [various artists]
Pogus Productions/2009
vocalizations and electronics recorded at Tangent Studio, London, and The Electronic Music Studio, Goldsmith College, 1970; composition year: 1970; time: 10:26

Annea Lockwood: Popina to Rasova (excerpt)
A Sound Map of the Danube
Lovely Music, Ltd./2008
field recordings: Annea Lockwood; composition years: 2001-2005; excerpt time: 2:30

Ned Bouhalassa: Las Vegas (from Urban Cuts)
Gratte-cite (Cityscraper)
Empreintes Digitales/2008
electroacoustic music: Ned Bouhalassa; cello: Delphine Measroch; drums: Christian Olsen; narrator, text: Fortner Anderson; realized at the composer's studio, Montreal; premiered at Akademie der Künste, Berlin, November 19, 2005; composition year: 2005; time: 9:33

Katharine Norman: Hard Cash (and small dreams of change)
Sonic Circuits V [various artists]
Innova Recordings/1997
electroacoustic music, London street interviews: Katharine Norman; composition year: 1997; time: 10:40

Steve Reich: Come Out
Early Works
tape phasing: Steve Reich; voice: Daniel Hamm of the Harlem Six, recorded 1964; composition year: 1966; time: 12:54

David First: Key Lights in a Palace Balloon
O.O. Discs/1991
piano: Joseph Kubera; recorded at Centerfield Studio, New York City, April 1991; time: 9:35

Paul Lansky: On F
Music Box
Bridge Records/2007
computer music: Paul Lansky; time: 5:49

Paul Lansky: Chords (excerpt)*
Conversation Pieces
Bridge Records/1998
computer music: Paul Lansky: excerpt time: 1:45
*TAINT RADIO version only

Ingram Marshall: The Emperor's Birthday
Ikon and Other Early Works
New World Records/2000
tape phasing: Ingram Marshall; voices: American ethnographer, Ethiopian man, BBC presenters; recorded in Ethiopia during a celebration for Emperor Haile Selassie; composition years 1974-1975, time: 13:36

Paul Burnell: Orange Juice
Deep Wireless 4 -- Radio Art Compilation [various artists]
New Adventures in Sound Art/2007
voice, sampling: Paul Burnell; time: 1:00

Emmanuel Madan: Freedom Highway
Deep Wireless 2 -- Radio Art Compilation [various artists]
New Adventures in Sound Art/2005
sampling: Emmanuel Madan; time: 6:46

Linda Dusman: Becoming Becoming Gertrude
Music/Text II [various artists]
Capstone Records/2001
two-channel analogue tape; readers: Susan McCully, Phil Maki; text: Gertrude Stein from "The Making of Americans"; recorded at WINC Studios, West Newton, Massachusetts, composition year: 2000;  time: 12:29

Amy Denio:
a. Hey Hey II
b. Hey Hey I
c. Hey Hey III
Dice 2 [She Says] [various artists]
Ishtar Records/1996
voice: Amy Denio; recorded at Spacious Spoot Studios, Seattle, Spring 1996; composition year: 1996; time: 4:00

Eve Beglarian: Making Hey
JKR Pass 3 [Music for Jim Randall's 75th birthday] [various artists]
Open Space/2007
voice and keyboard: Eve Beglarian; bass: Matt Fieldes; percussion: Damien Bassman; text: anonymous; composition years: 1980 and 2007; time: 7:30

J.K. Randall: Intimacy (A Polemic)
a. [part 2]
b. [part 4]
c. [part 5]
Open Space 10 [Randall/Boretz]
Open Space/1992
voice: Jim Randall; recorded in New York City for a meeting of the Society for Music Theory; time: 4:45

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