Saturday, October 22, 2011

Martian Gardens for 10/23/2011

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for October 23, 2011

Noah Creshevsky:
a. Once
b. Jubilate

To Know and Not to Know
a. soprano: Martha Cluver; b. soprano: Beth Griffith, vocal samples: Thomas Buckner

Morton Feldman: Voice and Instruments
Mode Records/2011
soprano: Martha Cluver; Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, conductor: Brad Lubman; recorded at Great Hall, Haus es Rundfunks, Berlin, November 2010

Craig Shepard: Crêt de la Neuve, le 20 juillet 2005
On Foot
Edition Wandelweiser/2011
melodica: Christian Wolff

Sarah Peebles: Blue Moon Spirit
Suspended in Amber
Innova Recordings/1996
shō: Kō Ishikawa; recorded at Studio 246, Tokyo, 4/04/95

Philip Mantione: Valuri
Compilation for Max
computer music for the installation "Wet Sounds" by Joel Cahen

Charles Wuorinen: ♩=60 (mvt. I. Concerto for Amplified Violin and Orchestra)
The Golden Dance
Albany Records/2004
violin: Paul Zukofsky; Radio-Sinfonie-Orchestra Frankfurt, conductor: Eliahu Inbal; recorded for Hessischer Rundfunk, February 1975

Denis Smalley: Pentes
empreintes DIGITALes/2003
electroacoustics; Northumbrian pipes: uncredited; realized at Ina-GRM, Paris, 1974; premiered at Auditorium 104 — Maison de Radio France, 3/20/75

Roxanne Turcotte:
a. Bourdons enjoués [Cheerful drones]
b. Delirium

empreintes DIGITALes/2011
a. electroacoustics; bagpipes, Breton bombard: Michael Dubeau; realized at the composer's studio; premiered at Festival Synthèse, Bourges, Cher, France, June 2004; b. electroacoustics, realized at the composer's studio; Électro-chocs 4: Travaux électroniques féminins, Salle multimédia — Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, 3/20/11

Ursula Mamlok: Five Capriccios
I. ♪=100
II. ♪=112
III. ♪=92
IV. ♩=104
V. ♪=54

Volume 3
Bridge Records/2011
oboe: Heinz Holliger; piano: Anton Kernjak; recorded at Radiostudio, Zurich, Switzerland, 2/12/11

Lydia Kavina:
a. Free Music No. 1 (P. Grainger, for four theremins, 1936)
b. Free Music No. 2 (P. Grainger, for six theremins, 1937)
c. Beatless Music (P. Grainger, for six theremins, 1937

Spellbound! Works for Theremin
Mode Records/2008
theremins: L. Kavina; recorded at Patrych Sound Studios, Bronx, 7/10/00

Otto Luening: Fantasy in Space
Pioneers of Electronic Music (various artists)
New World Records/2006 (orig. CRI/1991)
created at the home of Henry Cowell, Woodstock, NY, 1952

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Track 2 (Suite from "No Exit")
Film Music
New World Records/1990
musique concrète from the film of Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit," directed by Orson Welles, 1962; produced by the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

Ernö Király: The Sky (Nebo)
Phoenix -- The Music of Ernö Király (Király Ernö)
ReR Megacorp/1995
voice: uncredited; tape: K. Ernö; text: Stevan Raickovic; recorded in Hungary, 1961

Ivan Tcherepnin: High in the Woods (from Flores Musicales)
Flores Musicales/Five Songs/Santur Live!
CRI/1995 (orig. 1982)
oboe: Peggy Pearson; violin: Wilma Smith; psaltery, organ, electronics: I. Tcherepnin; recorded at the Harvard Electronic Music Studio, fall 1981

J. C. Combs: Trinity 666 - The Last Train to Hell
Safe Passage
Electroshock Records/2010
created by J.C. Combs for ImprovFriday

White Noise: The Black Mass -- An Electric Storm in Hell
An Electric Storm
Island Records/1968
electronics: Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hodgson, David Vorhaus; percussion: Paul Lytton; vocals: John Whitman, Annie Bird, Val Shaw; recorded at Kaleidophon Studio, Camden Town, 1968

Barton McLean: Demons of the Night
Innova Recordings/2010
synthesizers, computers: B. McLean; saxophone "horror licks": Albert Regini

Ingram Marshall: Holy Ghosts
Dark Waters
New Albion Records/2002
oboe d'amore: Libby Van Cleve; live digital delay processing: I. Marshall

Eleanor Hovda: Glacier Track
Coastal Traces
O.O. Discs/1997
oboe d'amore: Libby Van Cleve; electric bass: Jack Vees; designed for performance in St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery, NYC, acoustics replicated using the Soundfield SPS 422 Studio Microphone System and Lexicon Nuverb Processor, engineer: Arthur Bloom

Bun Ching-Lam: Lü (Journey)
Heidelberg Concerts
Mutable Music/2011
percussion: Gilles Durot; recorded at the Völkerkundemuseum, Heidelberg, Germany


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Martian Gardens for 10/16/2011

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for October 16, 2011

Syntax Error:
a. Nadja's Story 1
b. Nadja's Story 2
c. Nadja's Story 3
d. In the Shadow of No Towers

In the Shadow of No Towers DVD
Mode Records/2011
narrator: John Turturro; composer (a-d): Daniele Ledda; storyboard: Art Spiegelman; concept: Marco Capelli; recorded at Musicisti, Naples, 2008; Harvestworks, NYC, 2011

It might be a good time to leave this place and go mingle with our heroes
Everybody's Pain is Magnificent
New Amsterdam Records/2011
electric violin, casio sk-1, resonator guitar, effects, voice: Caleb Burhans; electric guitar, acoustic guitar, oud, fender rhodes, effects, voice: Grey McMurray; recorded at Glowing Ocean Studios, Clinton Studios, NYC

Lou Harrison: Serenade for Guitar
a. Round
b. Air
c. Infinite Canon
d. Usul -- Little Homage to Sinan
e. Sonata

New Albion Records/2003
guitar: David Tanenbaum; percussion: William Winant (d. Gong, e. finger cymbals, medium drums, e. medium drums)

Lou Harrison: Suite No. 2
a. Jahla in the form of Ductia
b. Adagio, arioso
c. Sonata in Cm
d. A Waltz for Evelyn Hinrichsen
e. Beverly's Troubadour Piece
f. Interview with Harrison and Schneider on Guitar (1981)

Por Gitaro -- Suites for Tuned Guitars
Mode Records/2008
guitars, National Steel Guitar: John Schneider; a.-e. recorded at Harrison House, Joshua Tree, California, 7/05/04

Lou Harrison: In Honor of the Divine Mr. Handel
Por Gitaro -- Suites for Tuned Guitars
Mode Records/2008
HMC American Gamelan, director: Bill Alves; guitar: John Schneider; recorded at Harvey Mudd College, Pomona, California, 5/06/07

Bill Alves: Elegy for Lou Harrison
Imbal-Imbalan -- New Music for Gamelan
Spectral Harmonies/2010
HMC American Gamelan, director: Bill Alves; cello: Roger Lebow; recorded at Harvey Mudd College


In memoriam David Gamper 1945 -- 2011

Deep Listening Band: Processional
Mode Records/1995
organ, overtone, flutes, electronics: David Gamper; just tuned accordion, electronics: Pauline Oliveros; trombones, didjeridu, garden hose: Stuart Dempster; voice: Julie Lyon Balliet; recorded at Trinity Methodist Church, Kingston, NY, June 1993

Deep Listening Band: Oliveros Gamper Duet
Tosca Salad
Deep Listening/1995
recorded at Trinity Methodist flute, trombone, electronics: Pauline Oliveros, David Gamper; Church, Kingston, NY, 10/27/94

Zanana: Ghost Dog
Holding Patterns
Deep Listening/2005
trombone, didjeridu, conch, processing: Monique Buzzarté; voice, laptop: Kristin Nordeval; Expanded Instrument System: David Gamper; recorded at Harvestworks Digital Media, NYC

Deep Listening Band: Metalorgy
The Ready-Made Boomerang
New Albion Records/1992
small pipes, metal pieces: Stuart Dempster; voice, long tones: Thomas Eckert; small pipes, metal pieces: Pauline Oliveros; large pipes, metal pieces, voice accents: Panaiotis; recorded at the Cistern Chapel, Ft. Worden Cistern, Olympic Peninsula, WA, February 1990

Chris Brown: Iceberg (for William Winant)
Iconicities -- 3 Pieces for Percussion and Live Electronics
New World Records/2011
crotales, glockenspiel, hi-hat: William Winant; computer-controlled analog electronics, digital delay: Chris Brown; recorded at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, 1989

Philip Mantione: ImXCocteau
Compilation for Max
saxophone (source recording): Eric Roberts; desert field recordings; written for the soundtrack of ImXCocteau by Alysse Stepanian

James Tenney: Dialogue
Selected Recordings 1961-1969
New World Records/2003 (orig. Frog Peak Music, 1992)

Roxanne Turcotte: Attractions
a. Aurore boréale [Aurora Borealis]
b. Perséides [Perseids]
c. Crépitements et tourments [Crackling and Torment]
d. Profondeurs [Depths]
e. Souffles et alizés [Puffs and Trade Winds]
f. Tour de terre [Earth Trip]

empreintes DIGITALes/2011
installation video: François Doyon; presented at the Café du Monoument-National, Montreal, January, 2005

Natasha Barrett: Water Fall (Microclimate V)
Bouteilles de Klein
empreintes DIGITALes/201
Microclimates sound intstallation premiered in Sleppet, Bergen, Norway, 9/01/07

Paul Lansky: Night Traffic
Bridge Records/1992
electronically filtered traffic sounds, recorded 1990