Thursday, August 19, 2010

Martian Gardens for 08/22/2010

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

This program is dedicated in loving memory of my sister,
Naomi H. Shea
(April 26, 1968 -- August 12, 2010)

Daughter - Sister - Wife - Mother - Friend - Artist
Her untimely and unexpected passing has left stony emptiness
in the hearts of her family, loved ones, and colleagues.
We pray she is at peace.

Program for August 22, 2010
(extended edition)

Ezra Sims: AEDM in mem
a. Singing quietly
b. Fleet and lyric
c. Gently
d. Moderately
e. Plangent

Musing and Reminiscence
New World Records/2010
cello: Ted Mook; recorded in Pelham, New York, 6/05/09

Hexagon Ensemble: Ockeghem Variations (J. Shatin)
a. Lustrous
b. Ringing
c. Electric
d. Floating
e. Resounding

The Dutch Connection
Hexagon Ensemble; recorded at the Dutch Reformed Church, Renswoude, September, 2009

Zeitgeist: In Bone-Colored Light (J. Kitzke)
In Bone-Colored Light
Innova Recordings/2010
Zeitgeist ensemble; recorded at Wild Sound Recording Studio, Minneapolis, 2008/2009

Margaret Leng Tan: The Animist Child (J. Kitzke)
She Herself Alone -- The Art of the Toy Piano 2
Mode Records/2010
toy piano, percussed toy piano lid, voice: M.L. Tan; recorded at Systems Two Studios, January , 2010

Eric Chasalow: Dream Songs I-V
Left to His Own Devices
New World Records/2003
tenor (tape): William Hite; texts: John Berryman; Boston Modern Orchestra Project, conductor: Gil Rose; recorded in Rome, Italy, February, 2001

Evan Ziporyn: War Chant
Frog's Eye
Cantaloupe Music/2006
Boston Modern Orchestra Project, conductor: Gil Rose; recorded at Jordan Hall, Boston, 5/24/04

Mario Davidovsky: Flashbacks
Bridge Records/2000
The New York New Music Ensemble, conductor: Jeffrey Milarsky

John Luther Adams: Burst
The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies
Cantaloupe Music/2006
percussion: Steven Schick; recorded at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2002/2003

John Luther Adams: ...dust into dust...
Strange and Sacred Noise
Mode Records/2005
Percussion Group Cincinnati; recorded at Patricia Corbett Theater, University of Cincinnati, November, 1998

Sō Percussion:
a. Prelude (1) (P. Lansky)
b. Recitative (1) (P. Lansky)

Paul Lansky: Threads
Cantaloupe Music/2010
Sō Percussion; recorded at Avatar Studios, 2008

Paul Lansky: Alphanumeric Song
Alphabet Book
Bridge Records/2002
electronics: P. Lansky; readers: Hannah McKay, P. Lansky

Noah Creshevsky: Born Again
Hyperrealism -- Electroacoustic Music by Noah Creshevsky
Mutable Music/2003

Larry Polansky: #13 DIY Canon (Java 2)
Four-Voice Canons
Cold Blue Music/2002
tape (source: Java Shop restaurant, Midtown Manhattan); realized by Daniel Goode; recorded in NYC and Hanover, NH, March, 2002

Daniel Goode: Reed Squeak and After Image
Clarinet Songs
XI Records/1993

Alvin Lucier: Letters
Wind Shadows
New World Records/2005
The Barton Workshop -- clarinet: John Anderson, violin: Marieke Keser, cello: Judith van Swaay, piano: Frank Denyer; recorded at the Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam, 6/12/03

Christian Wolff: Kegama
(Re): Making Music
Mode Records/2004
The Barton Workshop -- violin: Marieke Kesler, clarinets: John Anderson, cello: Alex Geller, piano: Frank Denyer, percussion: Tobias Liebezeit; recorded in The Netherlands, 1999

Eno, Moebius, Roedelus: Broken Head
After the Heat
Caroline Records/1996 (orig. Sky Records/1977)
voice,lyrics: Brian Eno; recorded at Conny Plank's Studio, Cologne

Laurie Anderson: Only An Expert
Nonesuch Records/2010
keyboards: Rob Burger; viola: Eyvind Kang; guitar: Lou Reed; drums: Omar Hakim; keyboards: Peter Scherer; keyboards: Kieran Hebden; vocals, percussion, keyboards: L. Anderson

Alvin Curran: Animal Behavior
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 17 #
Music from the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College
Centaur Records/1994

The Hub: Hot Potato
Boundary Layer

Seattle Phonographers Union: Hollow Earth Radio -- September 8, 2008
Seattle Phonographers Union
recorded live for Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle

James Mobberley: Aspenglow
Music of James Mobberley
CD-R compiled 2009
featuring the ASPEN system (Automated SPeech Exchange Network)

John Cage/Lejarin Hiller: HPSCHD (excerpts)
Electronic Music Foundation/2003
for 7 harpsichord solos and 51 compuer-generated tapes; realized by Joel Chadabe; harpsichord solos: Bob Dodge, William Blakeney, recorded at the Foundation for Baroque Music, Inc., Greenfield Center, NY, 2000


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Martian Gardens for 08/15/2010

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for August 15, 2010
(extended edition)

Bang On A Can/Kyaw Kyaw Naing: Ka Pya Chi
Bang On A Can Meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing
Cantaloupe Music/2004
recorded at Sorcerer Sound Studios, NYC, November, 2002

Steven Ricks: Haiku
Mild Violence
Bridge Records/2008
tam tams, Tibetan prayer bowls: Dominic Donato; reciter: Junko Donato; recorded at SUNY Purchase, September, 2006

Beta-Collide: Waterline (S. Vitiello)
Psst! Psst!
Innova Recordings/2010

Zack Browning: Profit Beater
Venus Notorious
Innova Recordings/2010
flute: Kim McCormick; McCormick Percussion Ensemble, conductor: Robert McCormick; recorded at Springs Theatre, Tampa

Bang On A Can: The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory (A. Gosfield)
a. Part I
b. Part II

Cantaloupe Music/2002
piano: Lisa Moore; recorded at the Hit Factory, NYC, October, 1995

Larry Polansky: The World's Longest Melody (ensemble version)
The World's Longest Melody
New World Records/2010
ZWERM--electric guitar quartet: Toon Callier, Matthias Koole, Joannes Westendorp, Kobe Van Cauwenbergh; [sic]-- saxophone quartet/drums: soprano sax: Bertel Schollaert, tenor sax: Eva Vermeiren, baritone sax: Thomas Van Gelder, alto sax: Maarten Jan Huysmans, drums: Mattijs Vanderleen; electronics: L. Polansky; recorded at Studio Champ d'Action, Antwerp, December, 2009

Judy Dunaway: Fifty 210
New York Guitars #

Mike Winter: Filter IV --P.I.X.L. Study No.1
DIY Canons #
Pogus Productions/2005

Anthony Braxton/Gerry Hemingway: Invention 8207PM (excerpt)
Old Dogs (2007)
Mode Records/2010
saxophones: A. Braxton; percussion: G. Hemingway; recorded at the Daltry Room, Wesleyan University, 08/02/07

Marco Oppedisano: Mechanical Uprising
Mechanical Uprising
OKS Recordings of North America/2010
guitars, electronics: M. Oppedisano; voice samples: Kimberly Fiedelman

Iannis Xenakis: Morsima-Amorsima
Works With Piano
Mode Records/2010
piano: Aki Takahashi; Callithumpian Consort, conductor: Stephen Drury; recorded at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, 06/11/08

Madeleine Shapiro: Yi Feng (Ge Gan-ru)
Electricity--Works for Cello and Electronics
Albany Records/2004

Robert Ashley: Andrea (from "Au Pair")
Atalanta (Acts of God) Vol. II
Lovely Music, Ltd./2010
voices: Robert Ashley, Jacqueline Humbert; text: R. Ashley; electronic orchestra: R. Ashley, Tom Hamilton; recorded in Rome, 1985

Neil Rolnick: Body Work
Shadow Quartet
Innova Recordings/2005
electronics: N. Rolnick; voice: Joan La Barbara; text: "Frontiers of Science," first published in the November, 2003, edition of Harper's Magazine, submitted by Prof. Terry Favero of Portland University

Laurie Anderson: Bodies in Motion
keyboards, orchestron: Rob Burger; guitar: Skúli Sverrisson; saxophone: John Zorn; piano: Lolabelle (L. Anderson's rat terrier); vocals, percussion, keyboards: L. Anderson

Sarah Boothroyd: Through a Door
Deep Wireless 7 -- Radio Arts Compilation
New Adventures In Sound Art/2010

Mike Vernusky: Nylah
Music for Film and Electro-Theatre
Quiet Design/2010

Luigi Nono: ...sofferte onde serene...
Como una ola de fuerza y luz (and other works)
Deutsche Grammophon/1988
piano: Maurizio Pollini; tape: L. Nono; recorded at Hercules Hall, Munich, September, 1977

Thomas Clark: Peninsula
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 1 #
CEMI: Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia at the University of North Texas, Denton
Centaur Records/1988
piano: Adam Wodnicki; tape: T. Clark; recorded at CEMI, 1987

John Cage: In a Landscape
In a Landscape
piano: Stephen Drury; recorded at Clinton Studios, NYC, October, 1993