Saturday, November 14, 2009

Martian Gardens for 11/15/2009

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Amherst, Mass. 01003
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Sundays 21:00--24:00 EST
Host: Max Shea
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Program for November 15, 2009

Christian Wolff: Long Piano #63
Long Piano (Peace March 11)
New World Records/2009
piano: Thomas Schultz; recorded October, 2007, Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford University

Christian Wolff: Pebbles (excerpt)
Complete Music for Violin & Piano
Mode Records/2003
violin: Marc Sabat; piano: Stephen Clarke; recorded 8/10/00 at Glenn Gould Studios, Toronto

Stuart Saunders Smith: Links No. 7 (New England Night Weave)
The Links Series of Vibraphone Essays
New World Records/2009
vibraphone: Jude Trexler; recorded at Studio 508, UMBC, October, 2008

Sylvia Smith: Thinking About Anne Sexton (Stuart Saunders Smith)
The Year Begins to be Ripe
11 West Records/2008
vibraphone: Ayano Kataoka; voice: Sylvia Smith

John Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Motion
The Minimalists
Mode Records/2009
Orkest De Volharding, conductor: Jussi Jaatinen; arr. Anthony Fiumara; recorded April, 2009, MCO Studos, Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Matteo Sommacal: Counter Rotating in Vacuum
Centaur Records/2009
Piccola Accademia degli Specchi; director: Giovanni Rosati; recorded summer, 2004, at Urban Recording Studio, CaswaDelleaMusica, Trieste, Italy

Miguel Del Aguila: from Clocks
a. Midnight Strikes
b. The Old Clock's Story

Salon Buenos Aires
Bridge Records/2009
Camerata San Antonio; recorded summer, 2008, First United Methodist Church, Boerne, Texas

Miguel Del Aguila: Cantando, semplice (from Pacific Serenade)
eXchange--Latin America #
Pacific Serenade Ensemble; recorded live at the Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, 3/15/99

Heather O'Donnell: The Missing Nail at the River (W. Zimmermann)
Responses to Ives
Mode Records/2009
piano, toy piano: H. O'Donnell; recorded at Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal, Köln, April, 2007

Walter Zimmermann: Ursache und Vorwitz (Cause and Pertness)
Schatten der Ideen (Shadow of Ideas)
Mode Records/2003
Ensemble Recherche (with tape), recorded at Hans Rosbaud Studio, Baden Baden, May, 1998

David Felder: November Sky*
Music of David Felder
Bridge Records/1995
flute: Rachel Rudich; computer sounds realized at SUNY, Buffalo, at the Banff Centre, Alberta; recorded at UC, San Diego

Eric Moe: Dead Elf Tugboat*
Kicking and Screaming
Albany Records/2003
flute: Rachel Rudich; keyboard sampler: E. Moe; recorded 11/09/98, American Academy of Arts and Letters

Joan La Barbara:
a. Cathing (excerpt, first 68 seconds)
b. Voice Piece: One-Note Internal Resonance Investigation (brief excerpt)
c. Autumn Signal (entire)
d. Hear What I Feel (brief except)

Voice Is the Original Instrument -- Early Works
Lovely Music, Ltd./2003
a. voice: Cathy Berberian from radio interview, 6/19/77; b. voice: J. La Barbara; c. voice, Buchla synthesizer: JLB; text: JLB, inspired by Emmett Williams, "Sweethearts"; premiered 10/22/78, Metamusik Festival, Berlin; d. voice: JLB

Gary Lee Nelson: Jabber
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 37 #
Music from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music TIMARA Studios
Centaur Records/2008
voice: G.L. Nelson; text: Lewis Carroll, "Jabberwocky"

Paul De Marinis: The Lecture of Comrade Stalin*
Ghosts and Monsters -- Technology and Personality in Contemporary Music,
Leonardo Music Journal, CD Series Volume 8 #
Electronic Music Foundation/1998
voice, text: General Secretary Josef Stalin; musique concrete: P. De Marinis

Marcelo Radulovich: The Evil Ones
The Evil Ones
Marcelo Radulovich/2005
voice, text: President George W. Bush; musique concrete: M. Radulovich

A link regarding a special benefit for Mode Records at Abron's Art Center, 466 Grand Street, NYC, next Saturday, November 21st, featuring music by John Cage, John Zorn, and Philip Glass.

*Dr. Moe's "Dead Elf Tugboat" and Dr. Felder's "November Sky" got orphaned from their original sets. I had prepared for five hours rather than the normal three as I was slated to cover "A Thousand Plateaus," but since Mr. Berry returned from Maryland early on Sunday afternoon, he decided he'd like to do his program just the same. Oh well. I had a fantastic five hours lined up. I will broadcast most of what I cut from the original 11/15/09 program on the 11/22/09 program. I will post that playlist in a few days. I kept Moe's and Felder's works on this program because they both feature flutist Rachel Rudich, and I want to make sure I get "November Sky" programmed during November. I have two more programs in November, but I just arbitrarily prefer the middle of the month rather than late in the month. Anyway...

**full title: The Lecture of Comrade Stalin at the Extraordinary 8th Plenary Congress about the Draft Concept of the Constitution of the Soviet Union on November 25, 1936