Friday, October 25, 2013

Martian Gardens for October 26-27, 2013


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21:00--24:00 EDT
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Amherst, Massachusetts
October 27, 2013

webcast: Mondays 9:00 -- Noon EDT
October 28, 2013 Host: Max Shea

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Zwerm: tween (k-tood #2) (L. Polansky)
Underwater Princess Waltz -- A Collection of One-Page Pieces
New World Records/2013
composer: Larry Polansky; guitars: Johannes Westendorp, Bruno Nelissen, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Toone Callier; recorded in Antwerp, April 2013; composition year: 2002; time: 6:21

Bill Alves: Concerto for Violin and Gamelan, part 2
Mystic Canyon  
Microfest Records/2013
violin: Susan Jensen; The HMC American Gamelan; composition year: 2008; excerpt time: 9:21

"Blue" Gene Tyranny: She Wore Red Shoes
Unseen Worlds/2012
piano, electronics: BGT; recorded at the Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, California, February 20, 2005; composition year: 2004; time: 11:27

Claire Chase: Vermont Counterpoint (S. Reich)
Claire Chase/2013
(composer: Steve Reich, for 11 flutes); piccolos, flutes, alto flutes: Claire Chase; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers; composition year: 1982; time: 9:36

Bruno Maderna: Musica su due demensioni 
Music in Two Dimensions -- Works for Flute
Mode Records/2013
(for flute and tape); flute: Roberto Fabbriciani; sound direction: Alvise Vidolin; recorded in Florence, Italy, 2010; composition year: 1958; time: 11:18

John Cage/David Tudor: Indeterminacy #4*
(concerning Christian Wolff)
Smithsonian Folkways/1992 (orig. Folkways LP/1959)
voice, text: John Cage; piano, electronics: David Tudor; composition year: 1958; time: 1:00
*TAINT Radio version only

Christian Wolff: Track Five
Pogus Productions/2004
voice, texts: Chris Mann; guitars: Larry Polansky; piano, bass, percussion, melodica: Christian Wolff; computer, electronics, recording: Douglas Repetto; recording, editing, processing: Tom Erbe; recorded in Hanover, New Hampshire, January and April, 1998; time: 4:27

John Cage: The Ten Thousand Things (1st 1/13)
The Ten Thousand Things
Microfest Records/2013
narrator: John Cage; prepared piano: Vicki Ray; prepared piano: Aron Kallay; double bass: Tom Peters; percussion: William Winant; Cage's narration recorded at UCLA, 1962; other instruments for The Ten Thousand Things recorded at the California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles, Mills College in Oakland, Second Story Studios in Venice, CA, and Private Island Trax, Hollywood, CA; engineer: John Schneider (except Matt Snyder at Private Island Trax); recorded 2008-2012; composition years: 1954, 1955, 1956; excerpt time: 15:00

Jacques Tremblay: Espresso espressivo
Chroniques d'une séduction
empreintes DIGITALes/2009
(electroacoustic music); realized at the composer's studio in Montreal 2003-2004; premiered at Rien à voir (15) concert series presented by Réseaux, Espace GO, Montreal, February 11, 2004; time: 12:30

J.C. Combs: Unrelated
Safe Passage
Electroshock Records/2010
electroacoustic music created for Improv Friday, March 2009; time: 3:34

Sarah Boothroyd: Some Sort of Dark Force
Deep Wireless 3 -- Radio Art Compilation [various artists]
New Adventures in Sound Art/2006
voice, text, electronics: Sarah Boothroyd; composition year: 2006; time: 4:55

Trio PAJ: Bandonéon Mix
Live at MC:2 Grenoble
Mode Records/2013
bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, bandoneon: Michel Portal; drums, marimba, percussion: Roland Auzet; live electronics, machines: Pierre Jodlowski; recorded at MC:2 Jazz Festival, Grenoble, France, April 3, 2010; time: 6:09

Roland Auzet: Mecano1 (P. Jodlowski)
Percussion (s)
Mode Records/2008
composer: Pierre Jodlowski; percussion, machines: Roland Auzet; recorded at IRCAM, Théâtre de Chaville, La Muse en Circuit, Paris; composition year: 2004; time: 6:37

Shu Cheng Wu: Wondering Beyond
Measures of Change [various artists]
Experimental Music Studios (U. of Ill. Urbana Champaign)/2011
electroacoustic music: Shu Cheng Wu; composition year: 2011; time: 6:23

Matthew Burtner: Sxape (from [dis] Sensus)
NOISE Plays Burtner
Innova Recordings/2013
saxophone: Matthew Burtner; computer: Nathan Brock; ensemble NOISE; composition year: 2008; time: 3:57

Diane Labrosse: Printers
Music for Objects on the Verge of Extinction
(for computer printers and ensemble); violin: Marie-Soleil Bélanger; flute, toy trumpet: Jean Dereome; electric guitar: Bernard Falaise; clarinet: Lori Freeman; accordion: Diane Labrosse; viola: Jean René; percussion: Pierre Tanguay; recorded in Montreal, 2007; time: 6:14

Alvin Lucier: Slices (2nd 1/2)
Orchestra Works
New World Records/2013

cello solo: Charles Curtis; flute: Demare McGill; oboe: Andrea Overturi; clarinet: Anthony Burr; bassoon: Valentin Martchev; horn: Benjamin Jaber; trumpet: John Wilds; trombone: Kyle Covington; tuba: Jonathan Piper; violin: Jeff Thayer, Jisun Yang; viola: Che-Yen Chen; cello: Yao Zhao; bass: Jeremy Kurtz; recorded at the Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, U.C. San Diego, May 2011; composition year; 2007; excerpt time: 14:00

Julia Wolfe: LAD, part 2
Dark Full Ride
Cantaloupe Music/2009
(for nine bagpipes); bagpipes: Matthew Welch; recorded at St. Peters Episcopal Church, New York City; composition year: 2007; time: 8:48

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