Sunday, July 25, 2010

Martian Gardens for 07/25/2010

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for July 25, 2010
(extended edition)

New Millennium Ensemble: Percussion Duo (C. Wuorinen)
H.C.E. (Here Comes Everybody)
piano: Margaret Kampmeier; percussion: John Ferrari; recorded at Staller Center for the Arts, SUNY Stony Brook

Ursula Mamlok: Designs
a. Lento
b. Capriccioso

Music of Ursula Mamlok Vol. 1
Bridge Records/2009
violin: David Bowlin; piano: Jacob Greenberg; recorded at the Performing Arts Center, Theater C, SUNY Purchase, 10/13/07

Margaret Leng Tan: She Herself Alone (L. Liben)
She Herself Alone -- The Art of the Toy Piano 2
Mode Records/2010
toy piano, toy psaltery: M.L. Tan; recorded at Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn, January, 2010

Gamelan Son of Lion: Traffic (L. Liben)
Innova Recordings/2008
Gamelan Son of Lion; recorded at Hungry Hollow Studio

Lou Harrison: from Ditone Set
a. Usul
b. Plaint

Por Gitaro
Mode Records/2008
National Steel Guitar: John Schneider; recorded at Harrison House, Joshua Tree, California, 7/05/04

Larry Polansky: for jim, ben, and lou
a. Preamble (for Jim Tenney)
b. Rue Plats (Resting Place) (for Ben Johnston)
c. The World's Longest Melody ("The Ever-Widening Halfstep") (for Lou Harrison)

The World's Longest Melody
New World Records/2010
guitar: Toon Callier; harp: Jutta Troch; live guitar tuning, percussion: Jeroen Stevens; voice: W. Victor (b.), lyrics, melody: Morris Rosenfeld (b.); recorded at Bjilokestudio, Ghent Conservatory, February, 2009

Lou Harrison: Short set from "Lazarus Laughed"
a. Caligula's Dance
b. Miriam
c. Round Dance

Works 1939-2000
Mode Records/2003
flutes: Leta Miller; cello: Karen Andrie; celesta: Michael McGushin; recorded at the recital hall of UC Santa Cruz, 2001

Hyo-Shin Na: All the Noises in the World
All The Noises
New World Records/2008
JeongGaAkHoe ensemble -- komungo: Jae-hyun Chun, piri: Hyang-Hee Lee, taegeum: Hong Yoo; Seung-hee Lee, haegeum: Yoo-jin Sung, kayageum: Yoo-jin Sung, changgu: Jae-choon Yang; recorded at Old First Concerts, San Francisco, 5/19/06

Jin Hi Kim: No World Improvisations
Jin Hi Kim's Sound Universe
Living Tones/2009
komungo: J.H. Kim; Senegalese djambe: Mor Thiam; didgeridoo: Adam Pack; double reed, mukha veena: Joseph Celli; performed at American Music Week, Bonn, Germany

Alexander Volidin: Silver Thread
Unfinished Journey
Electroshock Records/2010
prepared electric guitar: Alexander Sveridoff; violin: Albina Batirshina; voice: Serge Kardinoff; recorded at Electroshock Records Studio, Moscow

Alvin Lucier: Nothing is Real (Lennon/McCartney, "Strawberry Fields Forever")
Ghosts and Monsters -- Technology and Personality in Contemporary Music #
Leonardo Music Journal CD Series Volume 8
Electronic Music Foundation/1998
piano, teapot: Margaret Leng Tan; recorded at Radio Bremen, February, 1998

Orlando Jacinto García: Music for Berlin
Celestial Voices
O.O. Discs/1998
flutes: Robert Dick; piano: Anthony de Mare; recorded at the studios of the University of Maryland Baltimore County

Robert Dick and Steve Gorn: Light
Steel and Bamboo
O.O. Discs/1993
flute: R. Dick; bass bansuri: S. Gorn

Dmitry Mazurov: Abyss
Creature on a Lavatory Pan
Electroshock Records/2010
recorded at Electroshock Records Studio, Moscow

Darren Copeland: On Schedule
Perdu et Retrouve DVD
empreintes DIGITALes/2007
recorded at D. Copeland's studio, Toronto, 2003

Gen Ken Montgomery: Birds & Machines (Machine Suite)
Birds + Machines 1980-1989
Pogus Productions/2010
recorded in New York City, 1989

François Bayle: Le Sommeil D'Euclide I
Son Vitesse-Lumière

Alexander Berne: Chronicles2 (sic.)
The Saduk ("Composed and Performed by Alexander Berne" boxed set)
Innova Recordings/2010
recorded at Mirabella Studios, Florida

Sō Percussion: Drumming, Part One (S. Reich)
Cantaloupe Music/2005
Recorded at the Hit Factory and Sony Music Studios, NYC, November, 2004

Philip Glass: Contrary Motion
Two Pages/Contrary Motion/Music in Fifths/Music in Similar Motion
electric organ: P. Glass; recorded at Basement Recording Studio, NYC, March, 1975