Saturday, April 10, 2010

Martian Gardens for 04/11/2009

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EST
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for April 11, 2010

Judith Shatin: Tower of the Eight Winds
I. Taku
II. Barber
III. Caver
IV. Williwaw

Tower of the Eight Winds
Innova Recordings/2010
performed by the Borup-Ernst Duo

Johanna Beyer: Suite for Violin and Piano I,II,III
Works for Violin
New World Records/2006
violin: Miwako Abe; piano: Michael Kieran Harvey; recorded August, 2005, Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Centre, Southbank, Melbourne

Elliott Carter: On Conversing with Paradise
Music of Elliott Carter, Volume 8
(16 Compositions, 2002-2009)
Bridge Records/2010
baritone: Leigh Melrose; Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, conductor: Oliver Knussen; text: Ezra Pound, Pisan Canto LXXXI and fragment Canto CXX, recorded at BBC 3 Studios, 6/20/09

Morton Feldman: Trio (disc 1,tracks 1-4)
Mode Records/2009
violin: Marc Sabat; cello: Rohan de Saram; piano: Aki Takahashi; recorded April, 2006, Teldex Studio, Berlin

KIVA: 11 April 1991, part one (excerpt)
Pogus Productions/2010
piano: Keith Humble; percussion: Jean-Charles François; trombone, violin: John Silber; violin, viola: Mary Oliver; recorded at the Center for Music Experiment, UC San Diego, 4/11/91

Lukas Foss: The Fragments of Archilochos
Echoi--The Fragments of Archilochos--Non-Improvisations
Electronic Music Foundation/1998
Crane Collegiate Singers, State University College at Potsdam, director: Brock McElheran; tenor: Robert Betts; speakers: Miriam Abramowitsch, Melvin Strauss; mandolin: Oswald Rantucci; guitar: Jonathan Marcus; percussion: Jan Williams, Edward Burnham, Lynn Harbod; recorded at Potsdam, Spring, 1968; texts: Archilochos

Harry Partch: Revelation in the Courthouse Park, Chorus One
Enclosure 5--Harry Partch
Innova Recordings/1998
performed by the Gate 5 Ensemble, conductor: John Garvey, for the Festival of Contemporary Arts, University of Illinois,Champaign-Urbana, 4/11/61; text: H. Partch after Euripides' "Bacchae"

Lou Harrison: In Honor of the Divine Mr. Handel
Por Gitaro
Mode Records/2008
HMC American Gamelan, director Bill Alves; National Steel guitar: John Schneider; recorded Pomona College 05/06/07

Bill Alves: Elegy for Lou Harrison
Spectral Harmonies/2008
HMC American Gamelan, director Bill Alves; cello: Roger Lebow

Bill Alves: Time Auscultations
The Terrain of Possibilities
Electronic Music Foundation/1988

Carey Nutman: Bonjour Pythagoras
Sang et Lumière
MPS Music and Video/2009

Erik Santos: ...In the Belly of Nowhere
KUU--Journey to the Jar
Centaur Records/2007

César Bolaños: I-10-AIFG/Rbt-1
Peruvian Electroacoustic and Experimental Music (1964-1970)
Pogus Productions/2009
performers: Antonio Tauriello, Roberto Vilanuela, Francisco Cortese, Ethel Gandini, Oscar Bazan; instrumentation/devices: horn, trombone, electric guitar, percussion, light projection, slide projectors, automatic system to punched tape; recorded at the VII Contemporary Music Festival at the Instituto Di Tella, Buenos Aires, 10/26/68

Dean Rosenthal: Sinfonieren
For Max Shea
Dean Rosenthal/CD-R compiled 2009

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz: Future Remembrance
60 x 60 2006-2007 #
Vox Novus/2008

Noah Creshevsky: Free Speech
voice samples: Chris Mann

Noah Creshevsky: Happy Ending
The Twilight of the Gods
samples courtesy of Ray Marchica and Sons of Silence--
drums: Ray Marchica; tenor sax: Teodross Avery; guitar: Rodney Jones; bass: Lonnie Plaxico

Artemiy Artemiev: Time
Time, Desert, and a Sound
Electroshock Records/2004


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Martian Gardens for 04/04/2010

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EST
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for April 4, 2010
(extended edition)

George Crumb: Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (trad.)
Complete Crumb Edition Volume Ten
The River of Life & Unto The Hills

Bridge Records/2007
soprano: Ann Crumb; Orchestra 2001; conductor: James Freeman; recorded November, 2005, Lang Concert Hall, Swarthmore College

George Crumb: Easter Dawning
Complete Crumb Edition Volume Five
Bridge Records/2007
carillon: Don Cook; recorded at Brigham Young University, September, 2001

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Missa Brevis
I. Kyrie
II. Sanctus
III. Benedictus
IV. Agnus Dei

Electronic and Acoustic Works 1957-1972 (orig. CRI/1973)
New World Records/2007
soprano: Jo Ann Ottley; Chorus of the University of Utah with brass from the Utah Symphony; conductor: Newell Weight

David Baker: Through This Vale of Tears
I. Thou Dost Lay Me in the Dust of Death
II. If There Be Sorrow
III. My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
IV. Parades to Hell
V. Deliver My Soul
VI. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
VII. Now That He Is Safely Dead

New World Records/1992
tenor: William Brown; violins: Lynn Chang, Marylou Speaker Churchill, viola: Marcus Thompson; cello: Mark Churchill; piano, artist director: Vivian Taylor; recorded at The African American Meeting House, Boston, 1991; texts: I., III., V. Psalm 22; II. Mari Evans; IV. Solomon Edwards; VI. traditional; VII. Carl Hines
In memoriam Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, assassinated April 4, 1968, Memphis, Tenn.

Charles Ives: from April 24, 1943
a. Sonata No. 2 for Piano: Concord, Mass., "Emerson" (partial)
b. Sonata No. 2 for Piano: Concord, Mass., "The Alcotts"

Ives plays Ives -- The Complete Recordings of Charles Ives at the Piano (1933-1943)
New World Records/2006
recorded at Mary Howard Studio, New York City, 4/24/43

Charles Ives: The Alcotts
The Henry Brant Collection, Volume 7
Innova Recordings/2007
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; conductor: Dennis Russell Davies; recorded at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 9/15/00; Ives' Piano Sonata No. 2, transcribed and orchestrated by H. Brant

Henry Cowell: Suite for Small Orchestra
a. Largo
b. Chorale (lento cantabile)
c. Vivo

Dancing with Henry -- New Discoveries in the Music of Henry Cowell
Mode Records/2001
The California Parallèle Ensemble; conductor: Nicole Paiement; recorded at the recital hall of UC Santa Cruz, January 2000

Stefan Wolpe: Hexachord Suite (1936)
a. Sostenuto
b. Pastorale, molto lento
c. Fuge, allegro moderato
d. Adagio

Wolpe in Jerusalem
Mode Records/2006
oboe: Jaime González; clarinet: Shizuyo Oka (Ensemble Recherche)
SWR-Studio Karlsruhe, recorded October, 2003

"Blue" Gene Tyranny: Somewhere Inside the Red Circle
The Somewhere Songs/The Invention of Memory
Mutable Music/2008
baritone: Thomas Buckner; environmental/electronic sounds recorded by BGT; text: BGT; mixed at Systems II, Brooklyn

Viv Corringham: Improvisation (with San Francisco sounds)
Meridian Music -- Earth Music #
Innova Recordings/2010
voice, electronics, field recordings: V. Corringham; improvised at the Meridian Gallery, 11/09/05

Lisa Walker: Transients
Electroacoustic Music Volume VIII #
Electroshock Records/2002
violin: L. Walker; humpback whale sounds recorded in southeast Alaska

Mara Helmuth: No. 7
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 36
The Composer in the Computer Age XI
Mara Helmuth: Sound Collaborations

Centaur Records/2007
gyil, logs: Allen Otte; computer: M. Helmuth; recorded at the Cohen Family Studio Theater College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, 1/20/06

Andrián Pertout: Görüşmeler (conversations)
Society of Composers, Inc. "Soundscapes" #
Capstone Records/2004
amplified èrhú: Zheng Ho; cajón: Alex Pertout; bombo: Salvador Persico; sampled harmonium: Andrián Pertout; recorded at Andrián Pertout Studio, Melbourne

Jin Xiang: Sad Melody at Yanshi City
Exchange -- China #
Chinese Instrument Orchestra, conductor: Jin Xiang

Roger Sessions: Five Pieces for Piano
a. Lento
b. Con Fuco
c. Andante, leggiero e grazioso
d. Molto agitato
e. Molto adagio

Complete Works for Solo Piano
Albany Records/2005
piano: Barry David Salwen

Gabriel Valverde: Resplandor de los Surem
Mode Records/2001
piano: Haydée Schvartz; recorded at Teatro San Martin, Buenos Aires; 11/24/98

Lois V. Vierk: Go Guitars
XI Records/1990
guitars: David Seidel

Tim Brady: Yellow, Add Green
GO (Guitar Obsession)
recorded at Bradyworks Studio, Montreal, 7/08/06

Trevor Wishart: Red Bird -- A political prisoner's dream (tracks 2,3,4)
Red Bird/Anticredos
Electronic Music Foundation/2000
female voice source material: Poppy Holden, Pippa Pierce; male voice source material: T. Wishart, Hugh Bernays; interrogator's voice source material: Graham Treacher; organic and mechanical sounds: T. Wishart; recorded at the York University Electronic Music Studio, May 1973 -- May 1977

John Eaton: Blues Machine
First Performances
Electronic Music Foundation/2007
Syn-Ket: J. Eaton, with rhythm section, recorded at Decca Studios, West Hampstead, 1968