Saturday, October 6, 2012

Martian Gardens for October 7, 2012

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
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Program for October 7, 2012


Maya Beiser & Michael Harrison: Time Loops
Time Loops -- Music in Pure Intonation
Cantaloupe Music/2012
cello: Maya Beiser; piano: Michael Harrison; recorded at Dimenna Center, Cary Hall, New York City; composition year: 2012; time: 2:40

Morton Feldman: Intersection 
First Recordings -- 1950s
Mode Records/1999
magnetic tape: Morton Feldman; composition year: 1953; time: 3:26

James Tenney: Instrumental Responses (with Ergodos I)
Melody, Ergodicity and Indeterminacy
Mode Records/2007
The Barton Workshop; computer program: James Tenney; recorded in Amsterdam, February 2007; composition year: 1964; time: 8:48

Kristin Norderval: Circadian Singing
Aural Histories (Post-ambient arias for voice and electronics)
Deep Listening Institute/2012 
voice, electronics: Kristin Norderval; composition year: 2011; time: 7:50

Mathew Rosenblum: Circadian Rhythms
a. Circadian Rhythms
b. Stargazing
c. Monuments
d. Circadian Rhythms (Part 2)
Circadian Rhythms
New World Records/2012
Deoro group (cello: David Eggar; percussion: Chuck Palmer; keyboards: Rob Frankenberry); recorded at Carriage House Studios, Stamford, Connecticut, February 21, 2011; composition year: 1989; time: 20:00

George Crumb: Eleven Echoes of Autumn, 1965 (Echoes I)
Eco 1. Fantastico
Eco 2. Languidamente, quasi lontano ("Hauntingly")
Eco 3. Prestissimo 
Eco 4. Con bravura 
Eco 5. Dark, intense
Eco 6. Dark, intense
Eco 7. Dark, intense
Eco 8. Feroce, violento
Eco 9. Serenamente, quasi lontano ("Hauntingly")
Eco 10. Senza misura ("gently undulating")
Eco 11. Adagio; ("like a prayer")
Complete Crumb Edition Vol. 12
Bridge Records/2008
The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) (violin: David Bowlin; alto flute: Claire Chase; clarinet: Joshua Rubin; piano: Jacob Greenberg); recorded at the Performing Arts Center, Theater C, SUNY Purchase, September 6, 2006; composition year: 1966; time: 17:50

Lisa Moore: 
Machine-like, but with some groove (Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers, Part 3)
Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers
Cantaloupe Music/2011
composer: Annie Gosfield; piano and sampling keyboard: Lisa Moore; recorded at Firehouse 12, New Haven, Connecticut; May-June 2010; composition year: 2008; time: 8:30

Annie Gosfield: Phantom Shakedown
Almost Truths and Open Deceptions
piano, electronics: Annie Gosfield; recorded at Oktaven Studios, Yonkers, New York; composition year: 2010; time: 8:13

Music from SEAMUS, Volume 2 [various artists]
piano: Richard Cass; fixed Media: James Mobberley; recorded at the University of Missouri Kansas City; composition year: 1987; time: 5:31

Benjamin Broening: Trembling Air
Trembling Air
Bridge Records/2012
Eighth Blackbird ensemble; recorded at Camp Concert Hall, University of Richmond; October 11-12, 2008; composition year: 2009; time: 12:47

Dorothy Stone: None But The Lonely Flute
None But The Lonely Flute
New World Records/1994
composer: Milton Babbitt; flute: Dorothy Stone; composition year: 1991; time: 8:58

Arthur Jarvinen: The Vulture's Garden
a. The Vulture's Garden
b. The War of the Time
c. The Last Dim Weird Battle of the West
d. Not with a Bang but a Whimper 
Edible Black Ink
O.O. Discs/1996
The California Ear Unit; recorded at Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles, June 1996; composition year: 1990; time: 16:00

Stephen Lucky Mosko: Native Songs and Dances (from Indigenous Music II)
Indigenous Music
O.O. Discs/1998
The California Ear Unit, conductor: Stephen Mosko; recorded at Mad Hatter Studios and the California Institute of the Arts; Autumn 1997; composition year: 1984; time: 7:16


R. Weis: Requiem for a Paperweight
Requiem for a Paperweight
R. Weis/1998
samples, sampler: R. Weis;  sound score for installation of photographs by Arthur Tress; premier: University Art Musuem, CSU, Long Beach, California, 1994; composition year: 1994; time: 18:50

Hildegard Westerkamp: Cricket Voice
Empreintes Digitales/1996
environmental sounds recorded and processed by Hildegard Westerkamp in the desert of Northern Mexico, 1987; premiered at the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, British Columbia, June 1987; composition year: 1987: time: 10:55

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Martian Gardens for September 30, 2012

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for September 30, 2012


R. Weis: Narinya (Bamana Dream)
Web of Illusion
R. Weis/1998
samples, sampler: R. Weis; composition year: 1998; time: 3:04

Paul Lansky: On F
Music Box
Bridge Records/2007
computer music: Paul Lansky; composition year: 2006: time: 5:49

Arthur Jarvinen: Out of the Blue
Erase the Fake
O.O. Discs/1998
tuned bell plates: Arthur Jarvinen; recorded at Private Island Trax, Hollywood, California, 1998; composition year: 1998; 4:21

Mathew Rosenblum: Two Harmonies
a. Gymnopédie for Art Jarvinen
b. Fantasy for Roberta Liss
Circadian Rhythms
New World Records/2012
viola: Wendy Richman; Percussion: Timothy Feeney; piano: Shirley Yoo; recorded at SUNY Fredonia, New York, February 5, 2011; composition year: 2011; time: 6:52

Mathew Rosenblum: selections from Nü kuan tzu
a. Le Départ (Movement I)
b. Automne Malade (Movement II)
Ancient Eyes
Prism Players; soprano: Kristin Norderval; mezzo soprano: Mary Nessinger; texts: Guillaume Apollinaure; recorded at Master Sound, Astoria, New York, November 1996; composition year: 1996; time: 6:20

Kristin Norderval: 13 Inspirations
Aural Histories (Post-ambient arias for voice and electronics) 
Deep Listening Institute/2012
vocals, electronics: Kristin Norderval; composition year: 2006 and 2012, time: 5:37

Annie Gosfield: Almost Truths and Open Deceptions
Almost Truths and Open Deceptions
Flux Quartet (violins: Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris; viola: Max Mandel; cello: Felix Fan); contrabass: Tony Falanga; piano: Blair McMillen; drums, percussion: David Cossin; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, New York; composition year: 2007; time: 24:05

Sō Percussion: Moat
Where (we) Live
Cantaloupe Music/2012
percussion: Sō Percussion; electric guitar, voice, lyrics: Grey McMurray; recorded at Guilford Studios, Guilford, Vermont, and Good Child Studios, New York City; composition year: 2011; time: 6:17

Lisa Moore: Stainless Staining
Stainless Staining
Cantaloupe Music/2012
composer: Donnacha Dennehy; piano: Lisa Moore; sample soundtrack: Donnacha Dennehy; recorded at Firehouse 12, New Haven; time: 14:51

Gabriel Valverde: Espacios Inasibles 
a. Fragmentaciones
b. Luminar
Mode Records/2001
Malmö Symphony Orchestra; conductor: Arvo Volmer; recorded at Stockholm Concert House, October 2, 1994; composition year: 1991 and 1992; time: 16:06

Haydée Schvartz: Two selections by Luciano Berio
a. Brin
b. Leaf
New Piano Works From Europe and the Americas
Mode Records/1993
piano: Haydée Schvartz; recorded at Slee Hall, SUNY Buffalo, January 1992; composition year: 1990; time: 3:46

Jonty Harrison: Internal Combustion (from ReCycle)
Empreintes Digitales/2007 
8-track tape: Jonty Harrison; recorded at the composer's studio, Birmingham, and the Elektronisches Studio of the Musik-Akademie in Basel, Switzerland, premiered at the Tinguely Museum, Basel, November 17, 2006; composition year: 2006; time: 11:43

James Mobberley: Spontaneous Combustion
Music from SEAMUS, Volume 1 [various artists]
saxophone: Timothy Timmons; computer music, processing: James Mobberley; recorded at the Conservatory of Music, University of Missouri, Kansas City; composition year: 1991; time: 9:03

Diane Thome: Masks of Eternity I-IV
Palaces of Memory
Centaur Records/1995
electroacoustic music: Diane Thome; recorded at Lumiere Studio, Lake Forest Park, Washington; composition year: 1994; time: 15:02

James Correa: When I drift into my thoughts
Plural (Correa/Miranda)
electronics: James Correa; recorded in Rochester, New York, 1999; composition year: 1999; time: 5:00

Eduardo Reck Miranda: Goma Arábica
Mother Tongue
electroacoustic music: E. Reck Miranda; recorded at the University of Edinburgh Electroacoustic Music Studios; orchestra: The Contemporary Music Group, conductor: Steve Davismoon

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