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Martian Gardens for October 20-21, 2013


Sundays live broadcast/webcast
21:00--24:00 EDT
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
October 20, 2013

webcast: Mondays 9:00 -- Noon EDT
October 21, 2013 Host: Max Shea

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J.D. Parran & Spirit Stage: Wabashi/Dreameaters
J.D. Parran & Spirit Stage
Y'all of New York/2005
voice, poetry: Shirley LeFlore; reeds, rainsticks, double bamboo flute: J.D. Parran; cornet, trumpet: Stephen Haynes; vibraharp: Bill Ware; contrabass: Brad Jones; drums, percussion: Warren Smith; guitar: Kelvyn Bell; recorded at Sorcerer Sound, New York City, June 1995; time: 5:36

J.D. Parran to perform at Solos & Duos concert
Thursday, October 24, 2013, 8:00 PM
Fine Arts Center Bezanson Recital Hall
UMass Amherst Campus

Alvin Lucier: Slices (1st 1/2)
Orchestra Works
New World Records/2013
cello solo: Charles Curtis; flute: Demare McGill; oboe: Andrea Overturi; clarinet: Anthony Burr; bassoon: Valentin Martchev; horn: Benjamin Jaber; trumpet: John Wilds; trombone: Kyle Covington; tuba: Jonathan Piper; violin: Jeff Thayer, Jisun Yang; viola: Che-Yen Chen; cello: Yao Zhao; bass: Jeremy Kurtz; recorded at the Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, U.C. San Diego, May 2011; composition year; 2007; excerpt time: 14:00

Bang On a Can All-Stars: Big Beautiful Dark and Scary (J. Wolfe)
Big Beautiful Dark and Scary
Cantaloupe Music/2012
composer: Julia Wolfe; Bang On a Can All-Stars (cello: Ashley Bathgate; bass: Robert Black; piano: Vicky Chow; drums, percussion: David Cossin; guitar: Mark Stewart; clarinet, saxophone, gongs: Evan Ziporyn); recorded at the Dolan Music Studio, New York University, 2010; composition year: 2002; time: 9:00

George Crumb: selections from Eleven Echoes for Autumn, 1965 (Echoes I)
a. Eco.1. Fantastico (1:17)
b. Eco.2. Languidamente, quasi lontano ("hauntingly") (1:27)
c. Eco. 3. Prestissimo (1:23) 
Complete Crumb Edition Vol. 12
Bridge Records/2008
International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) (violin: David Bowlin; alto flute: Claire Chase; clarinet: Joshua Rubin; piano: Jacob Greenberg); composition year: 1966; total excerpts time: 4:07

Noah Creshevsky: Autumn
The Four Seasons
Tzadik Records/2013
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; ingredients may include -- clarinets: Sherman Friedland, Al Margolis; clarinet, alto sax: Alex Kontoravich; tenor and alto saxes: Audrey Betsy Welber; tenor sax: Tedross Avery; trumpet: Ben Holmes; trumpet voice: Susan Watts; trombone: Monique Buzzarte; drums: Ray Marchica, Gregg Mervine; voice: Tomomi Adachi, Jeremiah Crawly, Amy Denio, Beth Griffith, Kathy Hanson, Chris Mann, Maria Mannisto; guitars, voice: Gary Heidt; guitars, Rodney Jones, Marco Oppedisano; banjo: Rich Gross; violins: Maria Kimura, Amy Zakar; basses: Orin Buck, Lonnie Plaxico, Heather Chriscaden Versace; composition years: 1992--2013; master composition year: 2013; total excerpts time: 9:56

Claire Chase: Piece in the Shape of a Square (P. Glass)
Claire Chase/2013
(composer: Philip Glass; for two flutes) flutes: Claire Chase; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers; composition year: 1967; time: 12:46

Benjamin Broening: Trembling Air
Trembling Air
Bridge Records/2012
flute: Tim Munro (Eighth Blackbird); recorded at Camp Concert Hall, University of Richmond, October 2008; composition year: 2009; time: 12:47

John Cage: selections from Sixteen Dances
I. Solo (fast) [anger] (1:49)
II. Trio/3 Girls [adagio) (3:58)
III. Solo "The Mad Dog" [humorous] (2:23)
IV. "Delicate Leaves" (2:25)
V. "Monk's Sarabande" [sorrow] (2:15)
The Works for Piano 9
Mode Records/2013
piano: Jovita Zähl; recorded at Funkhaus, Klaus-von-Bismark-Saal; Köln, December, 2012 - April, 2013; composition years: 1950-1951; total excerpts time: 10:53

Earle Brown: Folio
a. October 1952 (1:10)*
b. November 1952 (1:16)
c. December 1952 (0:48)
d. MM - 87 (0:51)*
e. MM - 135 (0:29)*
f. Music for Trio for Five Dancers, June 1953 (1:47)*
g. 1953 (1:01)*
Music for Piano (s) 1951-1995
New Albion Records/1996
piano: David Arden; recorded at Knuth Hall, San Francisco State University; December 19, 1994 and August 21, 1995; composition years: 1952-1953; total time: 7:45
*TAINT Radio version only

Herbert Brün: on stilts among ducks
Wayfaring Sounds
Electronic Music Foundation/1998
(for viola and tape) viola: Eckart Schloifer;  composition year: 1997; time: 17:53

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Two Sketches for a Computer Piece
I. Sketch 1 (0:57)
II. Sketch 2 (2:11)
Electronic and Acoustic Works 1957-1972
New World Records/2007 (org CRI LP/1978)
electronic tape realized at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, New York City; composition year: 1971; total time: 3:08

Malcolm Goldstein: Autumn
The Seasons -- Vermont
XI Records/1998
double bass: Robert Black; wood flutes, electric guitar, percussion: Mark Steven Woods; oboe, English horn, ocarina: Joseph Celli; violin: Malcolm Goldstein; saxophones, vibraphones: Tom Guralnick; vibraphone, percussion: Brian Johnson; vocalizing, accordion: Kenneth Karpowicz; recorded at Real Art Ways, Hartford, February 26, 1983; composition year: 1980-1982; selection time: 12:09

Annea Lockwood: Fridingen to Ulm
A Sound Map of The Danube
Lovely Music, Ltd./2008
field recordings: Annea Lockwood (Fridingen, sheep shearing, May 1, 2002; Beuron, May 2, 2002; Ulm, Blau tributary, May 4, 2002; Münster bells, May 5, 2002); time: 7:20

Robert Scott Thompson: Night Singers in Distant Array
Visitation (out of the vivid air)
Aucourant Records/2012
electronic music: RST; composition year: 2009; time: 5:01

Keeril Makan: Mercury Songbirds
Mode Records/2013
International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) (alto flute: Clair Chase; clarinet: Joshua Rubin; violin: Erik Carlson; cello: Kivie Cohn-Lipman; piano: Cary Smythe; percussion: Nathan Davis); recorded at Oktaven Studio, Yonkers; May 2011; composition year: 2008; time: 12:00

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Martian Gardens for October 13-14, 2013


Sundays live broadcast/webcast
21:00--24:00 EDT
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
October 13, 2013

webcast: Mondays 9:00 -- Noon EDT
October 14, 2013 Host: Max Shea

online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

(final update: 23:46, 10/13/13)


Bang On A Can: Seik Ky Ahla (2) (K. Naing)
Bang On A Can Meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing
Cantaloupe Music/2004
 performed by Bang On A Can and K. Naing (drums, gongs, Burmese percussion); recorded at Sorcerer Sound Studios, NYC, November 3-4, 2002; composition year: 2002; time: 3:06

Laurie Spiegel: Clockworks
The Expanding Universe
Unseen Worlds/2012
recorded on the GROOVE system, Bell Labs, March 1975; time: 5:20

Juan Blanco: Música para Danza
Nuestro Tiempo (Our Time)
Innova Recordings/2013
sine-wave generator, tape dubbing: Juan Blanco; composition year: 1961; time: 5:28

David Monacchi: Fragments of Extinction
Eco-Acoustic Compositions
Electronic Music Foundation/2008
electronics, field recordings: David Monacchi; 8-channel sound installation recorded on the Jauperi River, Brazil, 2002; extract time: 10:06

Alvin Lucier: Diamonds for 1, 2, or 3 Orchestras
Orchestra Works
New World Records/2013
performed by the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra; conductors: Petr Kotik, Christian Armstrong, Zsolt Nagy; recorded at the House of Culture, Ostrava, Czech Republic, August 27, 2001; composition year: 1999; time: 23:31

Andrew Young: through/spectrum1
electronics: Andrew Young; recorded at the composer's studio, North Kingstown, Rhode Island; time: 3:00
*TAINT Radio version only

Bruno Maderna: Concerto per Flauto e Orchestra
Music in Two Dimensions -- Works for Flute
Mode Records/2013
flutes: Roberto Fabbriciani; Orchestra Filharmonica "G. Monaco," conductor: Marcello Panni; recorded live in Florence, Italy, 1982; composition year: 1954; time: 8:25

Claire Chase: Luciform (M.D. de Leon)
Claire Chase/2013
(for flute and electronics); composer: Mario Diaz de León; flute: Claire Chase; recorded at Oktaven Studios, Yonkers, New York, composition year: 2013; time: 13:29

John Cage: Haiku
I. for my dear friend, Who (0:42)
II. What stillness! (0:32)
III. The Green Frog's Voice (0:52)
IV. The River Plurabelle (0:33)
V. (0:45)
VI. (not numbered) (0:39) 
I. second version (rejected?) (0:40)
The Works for Piano 9
Mode Records/2013
piano: Jovita Zähl; recorded at Funkhaus, Klaus-von-Bismark-Saal, Köln, December 2012-April 2013; composition years: 1950-1951; time: 4:43

Robert Morris: selections from Nine Piano Pieces
a. Between (2:50)
b. Kids (2:12)
c. To Wit (3:05)
Open Space 14
Open Space/2001
piano: Margaret Kampmeier; composition year: 1999; total excerpts time: 8:07

James Correa: Danças & Intermezzi
a. Meta-Funk (3:09)
b. Mirror of Sand (1:27)
c. Winter Dance (3:07)
d. Mirror of Granite (01:27)
e. Circle of Fire (4:07)
Plural (Correa/Miranda)
piano: Catarina Damenici; electronics: James Correa; recorded at PUC Auditorium, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2002; composition year: 2002; time: 12:10

Rune Lindblad: Hälften Av Någonting (Half of Nothing)
Objekt 2
Pogus Productions/1998
electronic music: Rune Lindblad; composition year: 1970; time: 6:39

Joan La Barbara: October Music -- Star Showers and Extraterrestrials 
Voice is the Original Instrument -- Early Works
Lovely Music, Ltd./2003
voices, tapes: Joan La Barbara; premiered at The American Center for Students and Artists, Paris, France, October 1980; time: 14:16
*SET FIVE on WMUA version

Mari Kimura: Subharmonic Partita 
The World Below G and Beyond
Mutable Music/2010
violin: Mari Kimura; recorded at Harvestworks and Systems II, composition year: 2005; time: 2:45 

Keeril Makan: Mu
Mode Records/2013
violin: Erik Carlson; recorded at Oktaven Studio, Yonkers, New York; May 2011; composition year: 2007; time: 3:10

Andrea Borghi: Laminare
Musica per Nastra (Tape Music)
tape collage: Andrea Borghi; composition year: 2010; time: 3:40

Frank Pahl: Hammers & Dampers
Music for Architecture
prepared piano: Frank Pahl; daxophone: Eleanor Schmitt; composition year: 2006; time: 2:23

Matthew Burtner: Slow 2:3 (In Noise) (from Polyrhythmicana)
NOISE Plays Burtner
Innova Recordings/2013
saxophone: Matthew Burtner; computer: Nathan Brock; ensemble NOISE (flute: Lisa Cella, cello: Franklin Cox, guitar: Colin McAllister, piano: Christopher Adler, percussion: Morris Palter); recorded at UCSD Studio A; composition year: 2002; time: 4:00

Harry Partch: The Letter
The Harry Partch Collection Volume 2
New World Records/2004 (orig. CRI/1997)
 intoning voice, text, Omicron Belly Drum: Harry Partch; New Kithara I, Surrogate Kithara: David Dunn; Harmonic Canon II: Dennis Dunn; Omnicron Belly Drum: Dennis Dunn; dubbed-in interludes from 1950 recording: Harry Partch, Ben Johnston, Betty Johnston, Donald Pippin; composition years: 1943, 1972; time: 2:48

Mari Kimura: Caprice 6 (from Six Caprices for Subharmonics)
The World Below G and Beyond
Mutable Music/2010
violin: Mari Kimura; recorded at Harvestworks and Systems II, composition year: 1997; time: 2:43 
*SET FOUR on WMUA version

Bang On A Can: Cheating, Lying, Stealing (D. Lang)
Cantaloupe Music/2002
composer: David Lang; The Bang On a Can All-Stars (cello: Maya Beiser; double bass: Robert Black; piano, keyboards: Lisa Moore; percussion: Steven Schick; electric guitar: Mark Stewart; clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone: Evan Ziporyn); recorded at the Hit Factory, New York City, October 1995; composition year: 1993; time: 10:30 
*TAINT Radio version only

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