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Martian Gardens, August 5, 2016

Host: Max Shea 
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Webcast date: August 5, 2016

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Ralph Samuelson: The Universal Flute (H. Cowell)
The Universal Flute
Innova Recordings/2016
shakuhachi: Ralph Samuelson; recorded at EastSide Studio, New York City, 2014, 2015; composer: Henry Cowell; composition year: 1946; time: 4:47

Henry Cowell: Suite for Wind Quintet
a. Allegretto (1:08)
b. Allegro (1:01)
c. Adagio cantibile (1:37)
d. Allegretto con moto (0:55)
Dancing With Henry
Mode Records/2001
The Cowell Quartet (flute: Leta Miller; oboe: Roger Wiesmeyer; clarinet: Mark Brandenburg; bassoon: Jane Orzel; horn: Joshua Garrett); recorded at the recital hall of the University of California Santa Cruz, January 2000; composition year: 1934; total time: 4:44

Hilda Paredes: Recuerdos del Porvenir
Mode Records/2016
Ensemble Recherche; recorded at SWR Freiburg, Heinrich Strobel Saal, Germany, April 24-25, 2012; composition year: 2006; time: 5:20

Karen Gottlieb: selections from Music for Harp with Percussion (L. Harrison)
a. Sonata in Ishtartum (1:57)
b. Beverly's Troubadour Music (1:30)
Music for Harp
Innova Recordings/2015
harp: Karen Gottlieb; percussion: William Winant, Daniel Kennedy; recorded 1994; composer: Lou Harrison; composition years; 1967-1977; total selections time: 3:27

Ben Johnston: selections from The Tavern
a. Prelude (0:45)
b.Who Says Words with My Mouth (3:41)
MicroFest Records/2014
microtonal guitar, voice: John Schneider; text: Rumi; recorded at Studio 34, Los Angeles, 2010; composition year: 1998; total selections time: 4:26

Stephen Dickman: Who Says Words
Who Says Words
New World Records/1999
baritone: Thomas Buckner; cello: Michael Finckel; text: Rumi; recorded at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, New York City, 1996; composition year: 1992; time: 6:16

Anouar Brahem Trio: Aube Rouge à Grozny
Astrakhan Café
clarinet: Barbaros Erköse; darbouka: Lassad Hosni; recorded at the Monastery of St. Gerold, Austria; time: 4:18

Jerome Cooper & Thomas Buckner: All Out
Alone, Together, Apart
Mutable Music/2002
full-spectrum voice: Thomas Buckner; keyboard, tonal rhythmic generator; sock cymbal; Jerome Cooper; time: 4:06

Martin Supper: gEXXb*
Benjamin Boretz 9x9 (various artists)
Open Space/2015
tuning fork, computer processing (composition "EXX"): Martin Supper; recorded in Berlin, Germany, composition year: 2004; time: 5:39
*g for Grell (August Eduard), German composer who developed a series of tuning forks; b for 
Benjamin Boretz

Warren Burt: Lucas (2-1) C Right Drone (excerpt)
Four Microtonal Immersions for iPad
Scarlet Aardvark/2014
apps, iPad: Warren Burt; composition year: 2014; excerpt time: 5:00


Brian Belet: Still Harmless [BASS]ically
Electroacoustic Music
(for Kyma interactive computer processing environment and electric bass); electric bass: Brian Belet; recorded at San Jose Stat University; composition year: 2000; time: 7:05

Lee Noyes & J.C. Combs: Ominous Forecast
Confessions of a Deviant Machine
Con-V Edition/2011
percussion, prepared piano, electronics, processing: Lee Noyes; electronics, piano, processing: J.C. Combs; recorded in Dunedin, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington, 2009-2011; time: 4:05

John Luther Adams: In the Rain
In the Place We Began
Cold Blue Music/2009
environmental sounds, tapes, processing; mastered at Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, 2009; composition year: 2008; tapes recorded by John Luther Adams in the early 1970s; time: 8:53

Jorge Antunes: Invocação em defesa da máquina
I. A máquina não desumanziza a música (2:35)
II. Reflexão (1:03)
III. A música humaniza a máquina (5:13)
In Defense of the Machine
Pogus Productions/2013
(for 4 percussionists, 4 metronomes, and electronic sounds); percussion: Adriano Letzel, Arturo Uribe, Bruno Cabrera, Catarina Percinio, Clenio Henrique, Rosângela Rhafaelle, Rubens Lopes, Sérgio Coutinho; recorded at Teatro Maria de Lourdes Sekeff, the Art Institute of UNESP, São Paulo, March 27, 2010; composition year: 1968; total time: 8:51

Robert Scott Thompson: S-Foam
electroacoustic music processed from Styrofoam objects: Robert Scott Thompson; recorded at the composer's studio, Roswell, Georgia, 2006; time: 6:30

R. Weis: The Reaper & Me
Web of Illusion
R. Weis/1998
samples, sampler: Robert Weis; mix: Paul Ruest, The Argot Network, New York City; time: 3:01

TriAngular Bent: Set 1
TriAngular Bent
TriAngular Bent Records/2016
gong, computer, electronics: Don Preston; cello, bent circuits: Jeff Boynton; computer, electronics: Philip Mantione; time: 9:34

Musicians of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Event, 12/14/04
Music for Merce 1952--2009 (boxed set)
New World Records/2010
laptop, violin, psalter: David Behrman; electric guitar, live electronics: John King; laptop: George Lewis; excerpt from December 14, 2004, performance, New York City; time: 3:54

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