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Martian Gardens for July 28-29, 2013


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21:00--24:00 EDT
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
July 28, 2013

webcast: Mondays 9:00 -- Noon EDT
July 29, 2013 Host: Max Shea
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(updated 7/28/13 at 22:32 ET)

Meredith Monk: Northern Lights 1 & 2
Facing North
ECM /1992
pitch pipes: Meredith Monk, Robert Een; recorded at Rainbow Studio, Oslo, April 1992; composition year: 1992; time: 4:47

Elizabeth Brown: Arcana
New World Records/2013
(for flute and prerecorded sound) flute: Elizabeth Brown; recorded at the composer's studio, Brooklyn, December 2004; composition year: 2004; time: 9:32

Mary Jane Leach: Trio for Duo
Celestial Fires
XI Records/1993
(for voice, alto flute and alto flute on tape) alto flute: Barbara Held, voice: MJL; composition year: 1993 time 10:10

Steven Naylor: I Wish
Lieux Imaginaires
empreintes DIGITALes/2012
electroacoustic music realized at the Electroacoustic  Studios of the University of Birmingham, UK, 2000, premiered at the Novars concert, Birmingham, November 21, 2001; composition year: 2000; time: 9:47

Robert Scott Thompson: Stochos II
Aucourant Records/2007 (orig. 1995)
computer music: RST; composition year: 1995; time: 10:42

Robert Scott Thompson: Velivolant
Vivid Air
Aucourant Records/2010
percussion: Stuart Gerber; electronics: RST; composition year: 2010; time: 3:13

Robert Scott Thompson: Section A
Siren -- Ambient Version
Aucourant Records/2007 (orig. 1997)
electroacoustic music: RST; composition year: 1997; time: 1:20
*TAINT Radio version only 

Noah Creshevsky:
i. Summer (12:05)
ii. Interlude I (1:18)
The Four Seasons
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; ingredients may include -- clarinets: Sherman Friedland, Al Margolis; clarinet, alto sax: Alex Kontoravich; tenor and alto saxes: Audrey Betsy Welber; tenor sax: Tedross Avery; trumpet: Ben Holmes; trumpet voice: Susan Watts; trombone: Monique Buzzarte; drums: Ray Marchica, Gregg Mervine; voice: Tomomi Adachi, Jeremiah Crawly, Amy Denio, Beth Griffith, Kathy Hanson, Chris Mann, Maria Mannisto; guitars, voice: Gary Heidt; guitars, Rodney Jones, Marco Oppedisano; banjo: Rich Gross; violins: Maria Kimura, Amy Zakar; basses: Orin Buck, Lonnie Plaxico, Heather Chriscaden Versace; composition years: 1992--2013; master composition year: 2013; total excerpts time: 13:23

Mary Ellen Childs: Welding 
Dream House
Innova Recordings/2007
ETHEL String Quartet (violins: Cornelius Dufallo, Mary Rowell, viola: Ralph Farris, cello: Dorothy Lawson); sound montage: Neverwas; recorded at the Clubhouse, Rhinebeck, New York, July 2006, composition year: 2007; time: 4:09

Madjid Tahriri: Tombak
Deep Wireless 7 [various artists]
New Adventures in Sound Art/2010
tombak drum, stereo tape: Madjid Tahriri; composition year: 2007; time: 4:51

Alvin Curran: Shofar X 17
Shofar Rags
shofars, samples, sampler: Alvin Curran; recorded at Studio Luca Spagnoletti, Rome, Italy, July 2012; composition year: 2012; time: 13:17

Annie Gosfield: Phantom Shakedown
Almost Truths and Open Deceptions
piano, samples, electronics: Annie Gosfield, composition year: 2010; time: 8:13

George Todd: Satan's Sermon I
Satan's Sermon and Other Electronic Fantasies [various artists]
Synclavier: George Todd; realized at the Bregman Electronic Music Studio, Dartmouth College; composition year: 1980; time: 6:11

J.C. Combs: Trinity 666 -- The Last Train to Hell
Safe Passage -- ImprovFriday Event Sessions
Electroshock Records/2010
electronics, samples: J.C. Combs; composition year: 2009; time: 6:46

George Crumb: from Black Angels
a. Lost Bells (0:47)
b. Devil Music (1:41)
Black Angels; Makrokosmos III
Mode Records/2006
Cuarteto Latinoamericano (violins: Saul Bitran, Aron Bitran, viola: Javier Montiel, cello: Alvaro Bitran) with members of the Carnegie Philharmonic, conductor: Juan Pablo Izquierdo; recorded at the Carnegie Mellon School of Music Alumni Concert Hall, winter 2003; composition year: 1970; selections total time: 2:08

Gwoup Premye Nimewo: Kongo-a Kraze Renn Nou, Kongo-a Kraze*
Angels in the Mirror -- Vodou Music of Haiti [various artists]
Ellipsis Arts/1997
(for tambourines, violins, fife, singers, and caller) lead tambourine: Amelite Clerje, lead violin: Ason Maître ; singers: Elvina Maître, Amelica "Soka" Clergé, caller: Nelio Thes; recorded in Port-au-Prince, circa 1996; time: 6:10
*Kongo is finished, our Queen! Kongo is finished!

Erik Santos: Himotoku Niwa (Garden of Turning Pages)
KUU -- Journey to the Jar
Centaur Records/2007
electronic music: Erik Santos; composition year: 2003; time: 3:44

Anne LeBaron: Concerto for Active Frogs
Rana, Ritual & Revelations
Mode Records/1992
(for frog sounds, male soloist, chorus, and ensemble) The New Music Consort, conductor: Anne Lebaron; tenor sax, animal calls: George Cartwright; trombone: Jim Stanley; percussion, tape: William Trigg; baritone voice: David Shea; chorus: Rodney Thomaston, Susan Botti, Adam Weisman, Julie Marti, Christina Wheeler, David Anthony, Debra Degenhardt, Michael Rosensky; originally recorded in 1975; composition year: 1975; time: 10:44

Matthew Burtner: That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies
MICE World Tour
soprano saxophone: Matthew Burtner; drum kit: Brandon Van Loucks; MICE  (Mobile Interactive Computer Music Ensemble); recorded in Cape Town, South Africa, 2009; composition year: 2004; time: 10:52

Eclipse Quartet with William Winant: Cognate Canons (J. Tenney)
Parkins, Rzewski, Tenney
New World Records/2013
composer: James Tenney; Eclipse Quartet (violin: Sarah Parkins, Sarah Thornblade, viola: Alma Lisa Fernandez, cello: Maggie Parkins); percussion: William Winant; recorded at Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College, Oakland, 2012; composition year: 1993; time: 23:09/excerpt for TAINT Radio: 10:40

John Cage's Variations V postponed until next week...

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Martian Gardens for July 21-22, 2013


Sundays live broadcast/webcast
21:00--24:00 EDT
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
July 21, 2013

webcast: Mondays 9:00 -- Noon EDT
July 22, 2013 Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog


Robert Carl: Clouds are Scattering
from Piano Sonata No. 2 (The Big Room)
Shake the Tree
Innova Recordings/2013
piano: Erberk Eryilmaz; recorded at Riverview Studios, Gill, Massachusetts, 2011; composition years: 1992-1993; time: 6:16

Benjamin Boretz: ("What I could hear...") (A Passage for Roger Sessions)
Piano Music 1976 -- 2000
Open Space/2004
piano: Michael Fowler; recorded at Princeton University, 2002-2003; composition year: 1979; time: 9:48

Ursula Mamlok: Rotations
a. Andante con Moto (3:16)
b. as from afar (2:14)
c. Sehr ruhig (5:04)
Music of Ursula Mamlok Volume 4
Bridge Records/2013
cello: Jakob Spahn; piano: Holger Groschopp; recorded at Berlin, Gärtnerstraße, September 2012; composition year: 2011; total time: 10:34

Elizabeth Brown: Three Arias from "A Bookmobile for Dreamers"
a. Bookmusic
b. Swamp Aria
c. Lullabye
New World Records/2013
Theremin: Elizabeth Brown; prerecorded piano, field recordings, visual media: Lothar Osterburg; recorded at the Liguria Study Center, Bogliasco, Italy, March 2012; time: 6:55

Frances White: Three Small Piecess for flute duet and electronic sound
a. The sound of the bell as it leaves the bell (4:31)
b. Interlude (2:31)
c. Rose Pagonia (4:31)
Music by Frances White
flute: Elizabeth Brown; electronic sounds: Frances White; recorded in Princeton, New Jersey, composition year: 2002; total time: 11:34

Robert Black: Two in the Hand (R. Zvonar)
State of the Bass
O.O. Discs/1994
composer: Richard Zvonar; sampler, digital delays, computer, double bass: Robert Black; composition year: 1993; time: 7:32

Malcolm Goldstein: Summer
The Seasons: Vermont
XI Records/1998
double bass: Robert Black; wood flutes, electric guitar, percussion: Mark Steven Woods; oboe, English horn, ocarina: Joseph Celli; violin: Malcolm Goldstein; saxophones, vibraphones: Tom Guralnick; vibraphone, percussion: Brian Johnson; vocalizing, accordion: Kenneth Karpowicz; recorded at Real Art Ways, Hartford, February 26, 1983; composition year: 1980-1982; selection time: 16:05

Sarah Peebles: Summer
from Tomoe (Revolving life) (version 4)
Suspended in Amber
Innova Recordings/1996
shō, mouth organ: Hiromi Yoshida; perucussion, Midi Katcontroller, noise-makers: Ikuo Kakehashi; MIDI keyboard, sampled sound, electronics, shō, noise-makers: Sarah Peebles; recorded at Shukoji, Kawasaki , Main Hall, September 25, 1993; time: 5:00

Lydia Kavina:
a. Free Music No. 1 (for four theremins) (P. Grainger) 1:33
b. Exercise 28 (for theremin and ensemble) (C. Wolff) 7:45
c. Free Music No. 2 (for six theremin) (P. Grainger) 1:19
Spellbound! Original Works for Theremin
Mode Records/2008
composers: Percy Grainger, Christian Wolff; theremins: Lydia Kavina; a., c. recorded at Patrych Sound Studios, Bronx, July 10, 2000; b. Ensemble Sospeso; recorded at Concordia College, Bronxville, New York, July 2000;  composition years: a. 1936, b. 2000, c. 1937; total time: 10:37

Jorge Antunes: Mixolydia
In Defense of the Machine
Pogus Productions/2013
(for theremin and electronic tape) theremin: Lydia Kavina; tape realized at GRM, Paris, and GMEB, Bourges, spring 1995; composition year: 1995; time: 11:20

Larry Polansky: B'rey'sheet 
(In the beginning...) (Cantillation Study #1)
The Theory of Impossible Melody
New World Records/2009
voice: Jody Diamond; live computers, HMSL programming: Larry Polansky, Phil Burk; engineer: Tom Erbe; recorded at Mill College, Oakland, 1990; composition years: 1985, 1987, 1989; time: 13:16

Lou Cohen: Symphony No. 7
Pogus Productions/2013
CSound, MIDI Keyboard: Lou Cohen

Amy Knoles: Rabelais' Angels
Men in the Cities
voice: Richard Hines; electronic music: Amy Knoles; recorded in Los Angeles, 1999; time: 10:55

Leo Kupper: Arbre-jeux de Rabelais
Le Sixte Livre Dit Électroacoustique De François Rabelais (various artists)
Mnémosyne Musique Media/1995
reciter: René Zosso; voice: Anne Osnowiycz; electroacoustic music: Leo Kupper; recorded at IMEB, Bourges, France; 1994; time: 08:45

Elizabeth Hoffman: Allamuchy
Intérieurs harmoniques
empreintes DIGITALes/2012
electroacoustic music: Elizabeth Hoffman; realized at the composer's studio in New York City, 2001-2002; premiered at Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival, University of Richmond, November 1, 2003;  Intérieurs harmoniques version revised 2011; time: 9:37

Morton Subotnick: from 4 Butterflies
a. Interlude 1 (1:24)
b. Butterflies No. 2 (9:32)
Electronic Works Vol. 3
Mode Records/2011
for 4-channel tape; original recording: 1973; new stereo mix: 2011; total time: 9:56

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