Sunday, September 23, 2012

Martian Gardens for September 23, 2012

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
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Program for September 23, 2012


Noah Creshevsky: Three Minute Waltzes
I. Try
II. Piranha
III. Y Tu Mamá También 
The Twilight of the Gods
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; composition year: (I) 2003, (II) 2007, (III) 2009; time: 2:58

Lou Harrison: Bowl Bells (from Varied Trio)
La Koro Sutro
New Albion Records/1988
violin: David Abel; piano: Julie Steinberg; percussion: William Winant; recorded at Hertz Hall, University of California, Berkley, November, 1987; composition year: 1986; time: 3:07

Susie Ibarra: Drum Sketch 1
Drum Sketches
Innova Recordings/2011
percussion: Susie Ibarra; field recordings from the Philippines: Roberto Rodriguez; recorded in Kerhonkson, New York, 2007; time: 2:58

Adam Rudolph and Ralph Jones: Forest Geometry
Meta Records/2009
percussion, wind instruments, idiophones, vocals: Rudolph, Jones; recorded at Delta College Theater, Bay City, Michigan, September 16, 2007; time: 3:05

Adam Rudolph and Ralph M. Jones: Spirit Voices
Merely a Traveler on the Cosmic Path
Meta Records/2012
percussion, wind instruments, idiophones, vocals; Rudolph, Jones; recorded at Oberlin, Ohio, time: 1:35

Sō Percussion and Grey McMurray: Five Rooms Down
Where (We) Live
Cantaloupe Music/2012
percussion: Sō Percussion; vocals and guitar: Grey McMurray; lyrics by Grey McMurray; recorded at Guilford Sound, Guilford, Vermont, time: 5:08

John Cage: Four Rooms, Scene VII
The Works for Piano 5 (Haydée Schvartz, piano)
Mode Records/2003
vocals: Jack Bruce; lyrics: Merce Cunningham; recorded at Slee Hall, Buffalo, New York, October, 1995, composition year: 1944; time: 3:01

John Cage: Five
The Number Pieces 6
Mode Records/2012
blown bottles: Essential Music; recorded SUNY Purchase, 1993-94; composition year: 1988; time: 5:00

Luc Ferrari: Visage 2
Visage 2/Après presque rien/Madame de Shanghai
Mode Records/2011
brass and percussion: Musique Nouvelles; conductor: Jean-Paul Dessy; recorded at l'Auditorium Abel Dubois a Mons, Belgium; April 21, 2006; composition year: 1955-56; time: 10:02

Larry Nelson: The Starry Messenger 
The Starry Messenger: Chamber Music of Larry Nelson
Albany Records/2002
flute: Christina Jennings; piano: Marcantonio Barone; recorded at Lang Concert Hall, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania; September 18, 2004; composition year: 1996; time: 10:06

Malcolm Goldstein: Autumn 
The Seasons -- Vermont
XI Records/1998
double bass: Robert Black; wood flutes, electric guitar, percussion: Mark Steven Woods; oboe, English horn, ocarina: Joseph Celli; violin: Malcolm Goldstein; saxophones, vibraphones: Tom Guralnick; vibraphone, percussion: Brian Johnson; vocalizing, accordion: Kenneth Karpowicz; recorded at Real Art Ways, Hartford, February 26, 1983; composition year: 1980-1982; selection time: 12:09

Robert Normandeau: Automne (terre et bois) (Tangram part 4)
Empreintes Digitales/1994
electroacoustic music: Robert Normandeau; recorded at 350e - Réseaux, Planétarium de Montréal; May 19, 1992; composition year: 1992; time: 5:15

Antoine Berthiaume/Quentin SirJacq/Norman Teale: Leaves and Snows
Leaves and Snows
Actuelle CD/2005 
guitar, percussion: Antoine Berthiaume; piano, percussion: Quintin SirJacq; electronics, mixing: Norman Teale; recorded at CCM Recording Studio and Concert Hall, Mills College, Oakland; Autumn, 2004; time: 4:12

Mathew Rosenblum: The Big Rip (A Science Fiction Cantata)
a. Kam
b. The Runaway Universe
c. Caitlin Looked Up at the Sky
d. Interlude
e. Market Fundamentalists
f. Lift Up Your Eyes to the Heavens
g. Last Contact
h. The Big Rip (instrumental)
i. The Big Rip (continued)
j. Kam
Circadian Rhythms
New World Records/2012
Calmus Ensemble of Leipzig and the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet with drum machine and numerous samples; (texts: a,j. Paul Celan: "Engführung"; b. Donald Goldsmith: "The Runaway Universe"; c,g, i. Stephen Baxter: "Last Contact"; e. Internet chat; f. Book of Isiah); recorded at SWR Studios, Freiberg, Germany, July 3, 2010; composition year: 2009; time: 19:08

Enzo Minarelli: The Grandeur of Genghis Khan
Pogus Productions/2012
voice, vocalizations, text: Enzo Minarelli; time: 1:17

Herbert Brün: Dustiny
SAWDUST Computer Music Project
Electronic Music Foundation/1998
SAWDUST program: Herbert Brün; composition year: 1978; time: 5:38

Tom Hamilton and Bruce Eisenbeil: Mars Fell on Alabama
Shadow Machine
Pogus Productions/2009
Nord modoular synthesizer: Tom Hamilton; guitar: Bruce Eisenbeil; time: 4:09

David Rosenboom: 
Section II (Symmetrical Harmonies in Chaotic Orbits) 
How Much Better if Plymouth Rock had Landed on the Pilgrims
New World Records/2009
electronics, synthesizers, tapes, Vox organ, dumbek drum, computers: David Rosenboom; wah-wah piano: Thomas G. McFaul; electric bass: Lynn David Newton; ARP 2500 synthesizer: Gerald Shapiro; tambura: Michael Slevin; recorded in Washington D.C., Maple (Ontario), New York City, Hartford, and Los Angeles, 1969, 1970, 1973, and 2009; composition year: 1969-71; time: 13:03

Kristin Norderval: Digital Surveillance 
Aural Histories
Deep Listening/2012
vocals, electronics: Kristin Norderval; composition year: 2006; time: 4:43

Elzbieta Sikora: Reflets irises
Compendium International 2005 Bourges (various artists)
Mnemosyne Musique Media/2005
piano: Wilhem Latchoumia; electroacoustic music: Elzbieta Sikora; composition year: 2006; time: 16:15

Volti: O the Flesh is Hot But the Heart is Cold
Turn the Page -- New Directions in American Choral Music
Innova Recordings/2010
composer: Eric Moe; text: Matthea Harvey, "Baked Alaska, A Theory of," composition year: 2005: time: 9:28

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