Saturday, July 18, 2009

Martian Gardens for 7/19/2009

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog


Joshua Fineberg: Veils
Empreintes, Veils, and Shards
Mode Records/2009
piano: Dominique My

Ursula Mamlok: 2000 Notes
I. Gruff
II. (quarter note + sixteenth note) = 72+
III. (quarter note = 48)
IV. (eighth note = 100
Music of Ursula Mamlok Vol.1
Bridge Records/2009
piano: Garrick Ohlsson

George Crumb: Nocturnal (Quest, part V)
Bridge Records/1996
guitar: David Starobin; soprano saxophone: Donald Sinta; harp:
Karen Lindquist; contrabass: Donald Palma; percussion: Daniel Druckman,
Erik Charlston; conductor: William Purvis; recorded at the American
Academy of Arts and Letters, 3/19/95; (quote: "Amazing Grace")

George Crumb: Lonesome Road (The Winds of Destiny, song III)
Complete Crumb Edition Vol.13 --American Songbooks II & IV
Bridge Records/1996
soprano: Barbara Ann Martin; Orchestra 2001; conductor: James Freeman;
recorded at
Swarthmore College, November, 2005

George Crumb: Wanderer-Fantasy
(Makrokosmos II: Music for a Summer Evening, part 2)
Black Angels; Makrokosmos III
Mode Records/2006
pianos: Luz Manriquez, Walter Morales; percussion: Nena Lorenz,
Brian Spurgeon, Michel Passaris, Mark Shope; voice, whistles:
Andres Cladera, conductor: Juan Pablo Izquierdo; recorded at
Carnegie Mellon School of Music, Fall 2002

George Crumb: Ghost-Nocturne: for the Druids of Stonehenge (Night-Spell II),
(Makrokosmos II, Part Two, song 1)
Makrokosmos I & II
Mode Records/2006
piano: Margaret Leng Tan; whistler: Alex Nowitz; recorded at Lang
Concert Hall, Swarthmore College, July, 2003

Frank Garvey & Deus Machina: Nada
House of the Deafman
Innova Recordings/2001
recorded for The Omnicircus

Luigi Nono: Epitaffio no. 3 -- Memento: Romance de la Guardia Civil Espanola
Como Una Ola de Fuerza y Luz
Berlin Classics/1994
Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig; Rundfunkchor Leipzig; soprano/speaker:
Roswitha Trexler; text: F.G. Lorca; conductor: Horst Neumann; recorded January, 1977

Larry Polansky: Simple Actions/Rules of Compossibility
The Theory of Impossible Melody
New World Records/2009
voice/text: Chris Mann; live computers: L. Polansky

Noah Creshevsky: In Other Words (Portrait of John Cage)
The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky 1971--1992
EM Records/2004

R. Luke Dubois: Just for the Purpose of Playing Around
Go-Go-Go--Music from the Computer Music Center, Columbia University #
The Computer Music Center/2000
featuring The Freight Elevator Quartet

Laurie Spiegel: Three Sonic Spaces, part II
Unseen Worlds
Scarlet Records/1991

Drew Krause: Airline
Innova Recordings/2007
alto saxophone: Taimur Sullivan

Roger Kleier: Hyperplane
The Night Has Many Hours
Innova Recordings/2007

Scott Smallwood: Chest & Chair
Desert Winds
Deep Listening/2002
recorded at the Great Salt Lake

Thomas DiMuzio: 4 Poles
ReR USA Sampler #
ReR USA/2004

Helene Prevost: The Voice in the Bag
Montreal Sound Matter #
Pogus Productions/2006

Sarah Peebles: 10 Below
Deep Wireless 6 -- Radio Art Compilation #
New Adventures in Sound Art/2009

Philip Mantione: Frankencircuit
It's Alive! Philip Mantione in Santa Fe

Gen Ken Montgomery: The Aquarium Fishtank Symphony (excerpt)
XI Records/2002
recorded live at 1708 Gallery, Richmond, 10/23/99


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MG Youtube supplement: Big Donut

David Hahn stated it was his goal to be the Pee-Wee Herman of composers. Last summer, Rob Voisey introduced me to Hahn's piece "Big Donut." I was very taken with the vignette behind this etude of toddler tantrums, and Hahn's re-creation of what he overhead in a Seattle coffee shop early one morning:


Since we broadcast "Big Donut" as part of Martian Garden's semi-annual 60 x 60 radio special on July 20, 2008, I decreed July 20 "Big Donut Day." The second annual "Big Donut Day" is now a few days away!

MG Youtube supplement: Cage: Living Room Music

This is the Oberlin Percussion Group performing "Living Room Music," which varies quite a bit from the Ars Nova version broadcast on July 12. This will give some idea of the theatrical spectacle involved:

MG Youtube supplement -- A Stuart Saundrs Smith piece

This is Notebook performed by Amie Watson, a Masters percussionist at McGill University, Montreal.