Saturday, August 25, 2012

Martian Gardens for August 26, 2012

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for August 26, 2012


Icebreaker: An Ending (Ascent) I
Music composed by Brian Eno
Cantaloupe Music/2012
In memory of Neil Armstrong

Noah Creshevsky: In Memoriam
Rounded with a Sleep
Pogus Productions/2011
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky

Robert Carl: Warm Waxing Wail
Works for Piano
Centaur Records/1995
piano and voice: Anthony De Mare;  recorded at Millard Auditorium, The Hartt School, West Hartford, Connecticut; June 1994

David Mahler: Deep Water
Only Music Can Save Me Now
New World Records/2010
piano: Nurit Tilles; voice, text: David Mahler; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, November 2009

Sylvia Smith: Two songs by John Cage --
a. The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
b. Nowth Upon Nacht
The Year Begins to be Ripe
11 West Records/2008
voice: Christine Finn; closed piano: Sylvia Smith; texts: James Joyce, "Finnegans Wake"

John Cage: 36 Mesostics re and not re Marcel Duchamp
Litany for the Whale
Harmonia Mundi/2002
voice (with electronics): Paul Hillier

John Cage: from Series re Morris Graves
a. Page 11
b. Page 12
John Cage performs Cage -- The Text Pieces I: The Artistic Pieces
Mode Records/1999
recorded at the Phillips Collection, Washington D.C. for John Cage's watercolors exhibition, April 19, 1990

John Cage: Three, part F
The Number Pieces 4
Mode Records/2009
recorders: Trio Dolce; recorded at Maria Minor Church, Ultrecht, The Netherlands; February 1, 1998

John Cage: In the Name of the Holocaust*
The Works for Piano 8 -- Complete Short Works for Prepared Piano
Mode Records/2007
prepared piano: Philipp Vandré; recorded at German radio, Frankfurt, 2002
* Title this 1942 composition is a pun on "In the name of the Holy Ghost" and taken from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake (1939)

Victoria Jordanova: Sonatina No. 3
a. Dogged
b. Nagging
c. Vacilating
amplified piano: Victoria Jordanova

Victoria Jordanova: Requiem
Requiem for Bosnia
harp, broken piano: Victoria Jordanova

Francis Dhomont: Lettre de Sarajevo
empreintes DIGITALes/2003
electroacoustic music: Francis Dhomont;  realized in the Syter studio at Ina-GRM (Paris, France) and in the composer’s studio in 1995-96 and premiered on 22 February 1996 as part of the Festival Présences of Radio France in the Salle Olivier Messiaen of the Maison de Radio France (Paris, France)

Marcelle Deschênes:
selections from Moll, opéra lilliput pour six roches molles (Naissance des roches molles)
[Moll, a Lilliputian opera for six soft pebbles (Birth of the Soft Rocks)]
a. Zig and Puce
b. Dry insects -- Yawning one's head off
c. Variable star
d. Bittuber insects: drinking the sea with a straw
petits Big Bangs
mixed media, multimedia, and acousmatic music 1976-2002 retrospective
empreintes DIGITALes/2006
electroacoustic music: Marcelle Deschênes; clarinets: Pierre Langevin; trombones: Réjean Marois; percussion and toys: René Joly, Raynald Lévesque, Robert Pelletier, Robert Leroux, realized in 1976 in the studio of the Université Laval (Québec City) and premiered on March 18, 1976 at McGill University’s Pollack Hall in Montréal by the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ)

Walter Zimmermann: Ursache und Vorwitz
Schatten der Ideen
Mode Records/2003
performed by the Ensemble Recherche (with electronic tape); recorded at Hans Rosbaud Studio, Baden Baden, May 1998

George Crumb: Palmpsest (from Other Worldly Resonances)
Complete Crumb Editions, Vol. 11
Bridge Records/2008
pianos: Susan Grace and Alison Rybak; recorded at Packard Recital Hall, Colorado Springs, March 17, 2006

David Dunn: The Sound of Light in Trees (excerpt)
The Sound of Light in Trees
Earth Ear/2006
interior recordings of bark beetles in Pinyon pine trees, New Mexico, David Dunn: bioacoustic recordings 

Tod Dockstader/David Lee Myers: Pterygota
ReR Megacorp/2005
amphibian sound recordings and electronics: Tod Dockstader, David Lee Myers

Steven Ricks: Can Cup Pipe
Available Resonances
Comprovise Records/2012
found objects, microphone, computer: Steven Ricks

Robert Carl: Collapsible Mandala (excerpt)
From Japan
New World Records/2012
recordings for electronic installation recorded throughout Japan, 2007

Tom Hamilton: Modhera
Pieces for Kohn/Formal and Informal Music
Kvist Records/2010
keyboards, synthesizer, custom electronics: Tom Hamilton; drums, percussion, bells, cymbals: Rich O'Donnell; flute, clarinet: JD Parran; recorded at Washington University, St. Louis, 1975

If, Bwana: Flute Thang
Pogus Productions/1995
vocals: Ellen Christi; soprano sax: Brian Charles; sampled flute, electronics, tape: Al Margolis

Icebreaker: An Ending (Ascent) II
Music composed by Brian Eno
Cantaloupe Music/2012
In memory of Neil Armstrong
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Martian Gardens for August 19, 2012

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 21:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for August 19, 2012


Robert Normandeau: Puzzle
empreintes DIGITALes/2009
electroacoustic music: Robert Normandeau; recorded at the composer's studio, Montreal; premiered at Open Space, Victoria, BC, October 9, 2003

Roger Doyle: The Ninth Set (Sector 4)
Cultures Electroniques -- Bourges 2007 [various artists]
Prix Trivium et Magisterium IMEB Festival 
Mnémosyne Musique Media/2007
electroacoustic music: Roger Doyle (sounds derived from the innards of an upright piano), fourth of five parts

Karl Korte: Meeting the Enemy
Extensions -- A retrospective of electro-acoustic compositions 
Centaur Records/1998
electroacoustic music: Karl Korte (sounds derived from stock recordings of children's laughter, sporting events, and military drills); recorded at the Recording Studios of the University of Texas at Austin, 1995

Arthur Krieger: Joining Hands
Music from SEAMUS, Volume 17
electronic sound: Arthur Krieger; percussion: Michael Lipsey; realized at the Cummings Electronic and Digital Studio of Connecticut College, December 2001

Ingram Marshall: Fog Tropes
Fog Tropes
New Albion Records/1988
trumpets: Jim Miller, Tim Wilson; trombones: Mack Kenley, Don Kenelly; French horns: William Klingelhofer, Brian McCarty, conductor: John Adams; fog horns and ambient sounds recorded around San Francisco Bay; ensemble recorded at Tres Virgos Studio, San Rafael, California, 1982

Alvin Curran: Songs and Views from the Magnetic Garden I & II (excerpts)
Solo Works -- The '70s
New World Records/2010
for flugelhorn, kalimba, synthesizer, and ambient sounds recorded in Rome; assembled, performed, recorded, and mixed in 1974 by Alvin Curran in his studio-loft, via dell'Orso 28, Rome

Chaya Czernowin: Second vocal entrance (from Shu Hai in an orchestral setting)
Shu Hai Practices Javelin
Mode Records/2002
voice: Ute Wasserman; Basel Sinfonietta; conductor: Johannes Kalitzke; live electronics: Experimental Studio of Heinrich Strobel Foundation SWR, director: Andre Richard; recorded at Dempfcentrale, Bern, Switzerland, during the Biennale Bern, 2001

Jean Kopperud: Amgydala,  parts 3-5 [Steven Ricks]
Extreme Measures
Albany Records/2010
clarinet: Jean Kopperud; piano: Stephen Gosling; electronics: Steven Ricks; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, February, 2009

Robert Carl: Collapsible Mandala (excerpt)
From Japan
New World Records/2012
source material recorded by Robert Carl throughout Japan, 2007

John Cage: from Works of Calder
II. Film soundtrack with narration
III. Film soundtrack with percussion
The Works for Piano 4
Mode Records/2002
II. narrator: Burgess Meredith; III. percussion and tape collage: John Cage; recorded for film Works of Calder, directed by Herbert Matter (1950)

John Cage: Three Seconds on Zen Buddhism (from 19 Questions)
From Zero
Mode Records/2004 (orig. 1995)
voice, stopwatch: John Cage; director: Frank Scheffer

John Cage and David Tudor:  from Indeterminacy 
a. Story #83 (concerning D.T. Suzuki's lectures at Columbia University)
b. Story #84 (concerning D.T. Suzuki's response to a question on Meister Eckhart)
Smithsonian Folkways/1992 (orig. 1959)
stories, readings: John Cage; electronics, piano: David Tudor

Joan La Barbara: from Songbooks --
a. Solo for Voice 49 -- Song with electronics
b. Solo for Voice 52 -- Aria No. 2
Singing Through -- Vocal compositions by John Cage
New Albion Records/1990
a. text:  Henry David Thoreau; b.texts: John Cage, Eric Satie,  Thoreau

If, Bwana: Cicada #1 -- EHG Version 
Mutable Music/2010
voice: Lisa Barnard Kelley; trombone: Monique Buzzarté; synthesizers: Tom Hamilton; flute: Jacqueline Martelle; computer: Al Margolis; original performance at the Emily Harvey Gallery, New York City, September 18, 2008

Tom Hamilton: World Trade Center
Off-Hour Wait State -- Some Music About the Subway
O.O. Discs/1996
voice: Thomas Buckner; The System: alto saxophone: Roscoe Mitchell; shakuhachi: Ralph Samuelson; trombone: Peter Zummo; percussion: Jonathan Haas; electronic environment: Tom Hamilton; recorded at numerous studios throughout New York City, 1995

Jin Hi Kim and Gerry Hemingway: Windtails
Auricle Records/2010
komungos: Jin Hi Kim; percussion: Gerry Hemingway; recorded in Shutesbury, Massachusetts, August 18, 2009

David Dunn: Simulation 1 -- Sonic Mirror
Four Electroacoustic Compositions
Pogus Productions/2002
electronics and computers: David Dunn

Adrian Moore: 3Pieces -- Violin
empreintes DIGITALes/2011 
electroacoustic music: Adrian Moore; violin: Peter Cropper; realized at the composer's studio, Sheffield, 2006-2007; premiered at Crossing Continents, Firth Hall, University of Sheffield, March 20, 2007

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