Saturday, May 22, 2010

Martian Gardens for 05/23/2010

WMUA FM 91.1
Amherst, Mass. 01003
live webcast

Sundays 19:00--24:00 EDT
Host: Max Shea
online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Program for May 23, 2010
(Extended edition)

Judith Shatin: Fledermaus
I. Waltzing On the Edge
II. I'm No Maid
III. Czárdás
IV. Tick-Tock Around the Clock

Tower of the Eight Winds
Innova Recordings/2010
The Borup-Ernst Duo -- piano: Mary Kathleen Ernst; violin: Hasse Borup

Mario Davidovsky: Duo Capriccioso
The Music of Mario Davidovsky Volume 3
Bridge Records/2005
violin: Curtis Macomber; piano: Aleck Karis; recorded at KAS Music Sound, Astoria

Mel Powell: Sextet--Second Movement
New World Records/2003
The California Ear Unit; conductor: Stephen L. Mosko; recorded December, 2001, O'Henry Sound Studios, Burbank

Ann Milikan: Landing Inside the Inside of an Animal
Ballad Nocturne
Innova Recordings/2010
Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra; recorded at Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio, Sofia, summer, 2009

Lauri des Marais: Philosphy of Perception
CD-R compiled 2010
piano: L. de Marais; voice samples: Alan Watts

Lauri des Marais:
a. Beetle Forest
b. Beetle Forest (reprise)

Stimuli -- Stories in Sound (des Marais/Lindgren)
SFZ Recordings/1999
sound design, synthesizer, voice: L. des Marais; guitar, voice: Susan DeLeo; recorded at Sounds Interesting, Middleborough, MA

David Tudor: Sliding Pitches in the Rainforest in the Field -- Rainforest IV (excerpt)
Mode Records/1998
originated 1973, Chocorua, NH; recordings provided by John Driscoll and ICA

Thor Magnússon and Rúnar Magnússon:
Giooia -- a variation of SameSameButDifferent v.02 -- Iceland
Why Record? -- Life in the Age of Digital Performance #
Leonardo Music Journal CD Series Volume 18
Electronic Music Foundation/2008
field recordings: Magnússon and Magnússon

Natasha Barrett:
a. Displaced:Replaced -- Fog, light wind
b. Displaced:Replaced -- Wet and gusty
c. Displaced:Replaced -- Gathering wind

empreintes DIGITALes/2001
realized at Ms. Barrett's studio and NoTAM, Oslo, 2001

Milica Paranosic:
a. Lastavice/Departure
b. Kisa Pada
c. Venus Song

Give To Grow
Electroshock Records/2010
recitation,text (c.): Roger Bonair-Agard

Valery Siver and Kirill Trepakov:
a. Russian Troyka, Part 1 (on the motives of N. Gogol's poem "The Dead Souls")
b. Childhood in the USSR (on the motives of S. Mikhalkov)

Music from the Russian Pages
Electroshock Records/2010

François Bayle: Sequenza (from Seven Preludes)
Camera Obscura/Espaces Inhabitables
recorded in 1976, revised 2000

Ronald Perera: Three Poems of Günter Grass
I. Gleisdreieck
II. Klappstühle (Folding Chairs)
III. Schlaflos (Sleepless)

Crossing the Meridian
soprano: Elsa Charlston; Boston Musica Viva, conductor: Richard Pittman; electronic tape recorded 1974 at Smith College Electronic Music Studio; texts: G. Grass

Lukas Foss: Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
New World Records/2010
accordion: Guy Klucevsek

Guy Klucevsek: Loosening Up the Queen
Flying Vegetables of the Apocalypse
XI Records/1991
accordion: G. Kucevsek; recorded at New Breed Studios, NYC

Pauline Oliveros: Reason in Madness Mixed
Crone Music
Lovely Music, Ltd./1990
accordion, processing: P. Oliveros; recorded at Studio PASS/Harvestworks, NYC

Morton Subotnick: Until Spring ("Side One")
Volume 2 -- Electronic Works: Sidewinder -- Until Spring
Mode Records/2004
Buchla Electronic Music Box: M. Subotnick; recorded 1975, Mills College

Mark Trayle: 27
Creative Sources Recordings/2008
laptop, electronics: M.Trayle

Tom Hamilton: Formal & Informal Music
Pieces for Kohn/Formal & Informal Music
Kvist Records/2010
E-mu microprocessor keyboard, Serge synthesizer, custom electronics: T. Hamilton; bass drums, bowed cow bells, tabla, gamelan gongs, talking drum, marimba bars, timpani, cymbals: Rich O'Donnell; flute, clarinet: JD Parran; recorded at Technisonic Studios, St. Louis, 1978-1980