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Martian Gardens, September 16, 2016

Host: Max Shea 
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Webcast date: September 16, 2016

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hour one

Steve Reich: Double Sextet
a. Fast (8:33)
b. Slow (6:43)
c. Fast (6:56)
Double Sextet/2x5
Nonesuch Records/2010
Eighth Blackbird (flute: Tim Munro; clarinet: Michael J. Maccaferri; violin: Matt albert; cello: Nicholas Photinos; vibraphone: Matthew Duvall; piano: Lisa Kaplan; recorded at WFMT Studio, Chicago, August 28-29, 2009; composition year: 2007; time: 22:18

Barney Childs: Stances for Flute and Silence
Heaven to Clear When Day Did Close
New World Records/2016
flute: Nancy Turetzky; recorded at the University of Redlands, January 2001; composition year: 1963; time: 6:47

Barney Childs: London Rice Wine
A Music; That it might be
New World Records/2002
flute, live electronics: Philip Rehfeldt; recorded at the University of Redlands, 1996; composition year; 1973; time: 4:30

Paula Matthusen: The Days are Nouns
Pieces for People
Innova Recordings/2015
(for two amplified vibraphones, feedback, and soprano); vibraphones: Manta Percussion; soprano: Jamie Jordan; text: common table prayer in Norwegian (fragmented); recorded at Traxler Studios, New York City, and Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Church, Ceder Knolls, New Jersey; July 2013; composition year: 2013: time: 6:33

John Luther Adams: ....Dust to Dust...
Strange & Sacred Noise
Mode Records/2005
(for two snare drums and two field drums); Percussion Group Cincinnati; recorded at Patricia Corbett Theater, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, November 1998; time: 9:15

Stephen Vitiello: Light Readings
Bright and Dusty Things
New Albion Records/2001
photocell light readings, sound processing: Stephen Vitiello; recorded at Harvestworks, New York City, and the Institute for Electroic Arts, Alfred University; time: 2:42

Bischoff/Brown/Erbe/Payne: CCM Flotsam #18, #19
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 17 (various artists)
Music from the Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) at Mills College 
Centaur Records/1994
computer music: John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Tom Erbe, Maggi Payne; recorded at CCM, Mills College, Oakland, California, 1993; total time: 0:31

hour two

Herbert Brün: More Dust with percussion
Sawdust Computer Music Project
EMF--Smith Publications/1998
SAWDUST computer program: Herbert Brün; Percussion Group Cincinnati; recorded c. 1984; composition year: 1977; time: 13:15

TriAngular Bent: Set 1
TriAngular Bent
TriAngular Bent Records/2016
gong, computer, electronics: Don Preston; cello, bent circuits: Jeff Boynton; computer, electronics: Philip Mantione; time: 9:34

Bill Alves: Time Auscultations
The Terrain of Possibilities
EMF--Bill Alves/1988
Synclavier II computer music system: Bill Alves; composition year: 1987; time: 8:28

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Of Wood and Brass
Music for Electronic and Older Instruments (Luening/Ussachevsky/Powell)
CRI/1968 (vinyl-to-CD flat transfer 2010/New World Records)
electronic music on tape realized at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, 1965; time: 4:26

Benjamin Boretz: Black/Noise I
BENJAMINBORETZ9X9 (various artists)
Open Space/2015
computer-processed piano: Benjamin Boretz; composition year: 1998; time: 12:57

Paul Lansky: Wish in the Dark
Things She Carried
Bridge Records/1997
computer music: Paul Lansky; voice: Hannah McKay; created at Princeton University, 1995, 1996; time: 2:51

Noah Creshevsky: Shadow of a Doubt (ending)
Hyperrealism in Music
Electroacoustic Music by Noah Creshevsky 1992-2005
CD-R compilation/2006
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; composition years: 1999, 2000; time: 1:58

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