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Bells and Whistles for May 15, 2014

A survey of world music and its derivatives
Thursdays, Summer 2014 live broadcast/webcast
12:00 p.m. -- 2:30 p.m. EDT
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
May 15, 2014

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Syamsudin: Sigumendar
Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra (various artists)
Sublime Frequencies/2005
collected from Indonesian radio by Alan Bishop (2004);
style: Rabab Dangdut (Indonesian pop music with violin (Rabab)

Kecak Ganda Sari: excerpts
a. Introduction (3:52)
b. Forest Scene (6:11)
c. Sita's Abduction (5:48)
d. Interlude (4:38)
Kecak from Bali
Bridge Records/2005
Kecak Ganda Sari, I Gusti Putra, director; recorded September 17, 1987, Bona Kelod, Gianyar, Bali; style: Kecak, Indonesian dance drama; total excerpts time: 19:00

Dody Satya Ekagustdiman: Diya 
Asmat Dream - New Music Indonesia, Vol. 1 (Sunda)
Instruments: Kacapi, sandpaper, rubber-headed clay drums, flextone, voices, genta bell, suling, iron saron, triangle, tin cans, glass bottles, small gongs, woks, found objects; players: Dody, Ismet Ruchimat, Agus Sukmana, Dinda S.U. Budhi, Didi Wiardi, Yaya Suryadi; recorded at Jugla Studios in Bandung, West Java, June 1989; producers: Larry Polansky and Jody Diamond; style: Sundanese music murni (concert music); time: 13:22

Jody Diamond: Hard Times
In That Bright World - Music for Javanese Gamelan
New World Records/2009
voice: Jody Diamond; musicians from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Surakarta, Central Java; recorded at Studio 19, Indonesian Institute of the Arts, July 2001; style: Javanese Gamelan based on American folk song ("Hard Times Come Again No More," Stephen Foster, 1854); composition year: 1984, revised 2001; time: 11:31

Larry Polansky: Bedhaya Guthrie/Bedhaya Sadra
Frog Peak Music/2002
clarinet, kemanak: Daniel Goode; Central Javanese pelog gendèr, kemanak; HMSL software: Larry Polansky; recorded at P.A.S.S./Harvestworks, New York City, circa 1994; style: Bedhaya (ritualized dance of Java) morphed via software with American folk song (Woody Guthrie, "Ranger's Command," 1945) and the Bedhaya tune "Bedhaya Sadra," (I Wayan Sadra, 1990); composition years: 1989-1990; time: 9:24

Gamelan Orchestra Of The Yogyakarta Royal Palace: 
Gendhing Lintang Karahinan (Morning Star)
Gamelan of the Kraton 
Celestial Harmonies/1997
court musicians of the Gamelan Orchestra recorded at the residence of Drs. G.B.P.H. Yudhaningrat,Yogyakarta, Indonesia; produced by David Parsons; style: Javanese palace Gamelan music in Ghending structure; time: 13:34

Pauline Oliveros: Lion's Tale
CDCM Computer Music Series, Volume 7 [various artists]
iEAR Studios at Rensselaer Polytechnic Instute, Troy, New York
Centaur Records/1990
digital sampler, computer: Carter Scholz, engineer: Robert Rich; recorded at Sound Scape Productions, California; samples: Berekely Gamelan; style: Gamelan structured music composed for digital sampler; time: 15:06

Gamelan Son of Lion: Music Box (J. Kruskal)
Innova Recordings/2009
composer: Jody Kruskal; Gamelan Son of Lion (Barbary Benary, David Demnitz, Miguel Frasconi, Daniel Goode, Patrick Grant, Lisa Karrer, Judy Kruskal, Laura Liben, Denman Maroney, John Morton, David Simons; guests: Anna Dembska, Marija Ilic, Joseph Kubera, Bill Ruyle); recorded at Hungry Hollow Studio, Georgetown, Ontario; composition year: 2003; style: Gamelan suling (flutes), with violins; time: 5:30

Newband: Daphne of the Dunes (H. Partch)
Newband Play Microtonal Works (various composers)
Mode Records/1994
composer: Harry Partch; Newband (Dean Drummond, Frank Cassara, Dominic Donato, Nina Kellman, Michael Lipsey, Tod Mook, James Pugliese, Elizabeth Rodgers): Partch instruments; recorded at Master Sound, Astoria, New York, 1991 and 1993; composition year: 1958, revised 1967; style: Partch-developed microtonal tuning for theater; time: 18:24

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