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Bells and Whistles for June 5, 2014


A survey of world music and its derivatives
Thursdays, Summer 2014 live broadcast/webcast
12:00 p.m. -- 2:30 p.m. EDT
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
June 5, 2014

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Ben Johnston: The Tavern
a. Prelude (0:45)
b. Who Says Words With My Mouth (3:41)
c. A Community of Spirits
d. A Children's Game (6:43)
e. The Many Wines (3:09)
f. Burnt Kabob (3:13)
Settings of Rumi & Billie Holiday in Just Intonation
MicroFest Records/2014
voice and microtonal guitar: John Schneider; texts: Rumi; composition year: 1998; total time: 25:52

Gamelan of Central Java: Gendhing Bonang Danaraja
Gamelan of Central Java, Vol. VI. Kraton Surakarta
Felmay Records/2006
pathet: slendro sanga; recorded May 11, 2004, at the Sasono Sewoko house of Kraton, Surakarta Indonesia; time: 16:50

Bill Alves: Concerto for Violin and Gamelan
a. 3:02
b. 9:21
c. 6:28
d. 5:15
e. 10:13
Mystic Canyon
MicroFest Records/2013
The Harvey Mudd College American Gamelan, director: Bill Alves; violin: Susan Jensen; composition year: 2008; total time: 35:00

Pamela Sklar: Hatshepsut 
Silver Pharaoh 
MSR Music/2013
bass flute: Pamela Sklar; percussion: John Arrucci; recorded at Sliding Door Studio, New Rochelle, New York, 2012-2013; time: 3:45

Sadreddin Özçimi, et al: Perde Kaldirma 
Trance 1
Sufi Dervish Rite/Tibetan Overtone Chant/Indian Dhrupad
Ellipsis Arts/1995
neyzen (reed flute): Sadreddin Özçimi; oud (lute): Necati Çelik; ney (flute): Arif Erdebil; percussion: Kemal Karaöz; recorded in Istanbul, May, 1994; time: 27:23

Steve Roach: Palace of Nectar
Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces
Projekt Records/2003
instruments and production: Steve Roach; recorded at Timeroom, Tucson, time: 14:45

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