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Bells & Whistles for August 28, 2014

Bells & Whistles
A survey of world music and its derivatives

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August 28, 2014
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Evan Ziporyn & Gamelan Galak Tika: Tire Fire
a. 4:16
b. 5:01
c. 2:59
d. 3:39
e. 4:21 
Amok!/Tire Fire
New World Records/2000
electric guitars: Eric Byers, Mark Stewart; electric bass: Blake Newman; keyboards: Yuikiko Ueno; Gamelan Galak Tika, director: Evan Ziporyn; recorded at Kresage Auditorium, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 1995; time: 20:30

I Wayan Sadra: Aku
Karya -- Compositions by I Wayan Sadra
(for traditional Javanese instruments, violin, and voices); performed by students and faculty of the STSI; texts: Lawu Arta, Bayek; recorded at Surakarta Cultural Center, February 27, 1990; time: 15:40

Endah Laras & Dedek Gamelan Orchestra: Bajing Luncat
Endah Laras & Dedek Gamelan Orchestra
recorded in Solo, Surakarta, Indonesia, July 2010; time: 6:40

Yat-Kha: Khemchim
Dalai Beldiri
Songs of Tuva
yat-kha, guitars, shnzi, khomuz, bass, Kanzat vocals: Albert Kuvezin; morin khuur, Sygt and Kargiraa vocals, Khöömii: Aldyn-ool Sevek; percussion, gongs, vocals; music, lyrics: traditional; recorded in the Tuvan Republic and Finland, 1997-1998; time: 4:47

African Head Charge: Elastic Dance
My Life in a Hole in the Ground
jew's harp: Adrian "Crocodile" Sherwood; percussion: Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah; drums: Style Scott; bass: Keith "Lizard" Logan; guitar: Crucial Tony; recorded at Berry Street Studios, London, 1981; time: 4:00

David Hudson: Dreampipe Rhapsody
Rainbow Serpent
Celestial Harmonies/1995
didjeridu, percussion: David Hudson; recorded at the Timeroom, Tucson, Arizona; time: 4:43

Daniel Kientzy: Tortue de Mer (Sea Turtle) [T. Johnson]
Kientzy Plays Johnson
Pogus Productions/2004
composer: Tom Johnson; saxophones: Daniel Kientzy; recorded at Nova Musica, Paris; composition year: 1993; time: 3:03

Monks from Drete Dhargon at Drepung Monastery: Lekdri Ma
Rough Guide to the Music of the Himalayas (various artists)
Tibet, Nepal, Ladakh: Sounds from Shangri-La
World Music Network/2002
traditional monastic singing recorded at Drpung Monasteri, Chengguan, Lhasa; excerpt time: 6:56

Tos-Khol: The Legacy of Ancestors
Tuva, Among the Spirits (various artists)
Sound, music, and nature in Sakha and Tuva
Smithsonian Folkways/1999
Tuvan overtone singing, jew's harp, fiddle, barrel drums, shamanic frame drums, maracas: Tos-Khol group; recorded in Sakha, Russia; time:  7:32

Steve Roach: Medicine of the Moment
Live at SoundQuest Fest 2010
Timeroom Editions/2011
percussion, frame drums: Byron Metcalf; didgeridoos: Dashmesh Khalsa, Brian Parnham; synthesizers, electronics, processing: Steve Roach; recorded at SoundQuest Fest, Tucson, Arizona, October 23, 2010; time: 12:06

Chinary Ung: Sprial XI -- Mother and Child
Music of Chinary Ung, Volume 3
Bridge Records/2011
viola, voice: Susan Ung; syllabic vocals drawn from Pali, Khmer, and Sanskrit texts; composition year: 2007; time: 17:45

Subhra Guha: Raga Mishra Khamaj
Thumri in Deepchandi Tal
Raga Devgiri Bilawal/Raga Mishra Khamaj/Raga Pilu
India Archive Music/1998
vocals: Subhra Guha; tabla: Samar Saha; harmonium: Jyoti Goho; recorded at Master Sound Astoria, New York City, September 14, 1994; time: 17:30

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