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Martian Gardens for February 1 & 4, 2015

Sundays live broadcast/webcast
9:00 p.m. -- 12:00 a.m. EST
WMUA 91.1 FM
Amherst, Massachusetts
February 1, 2015

webcast: Wednesdays 6:00 p.m. -- 9:00 p.m. EST
Webcast date: February 4, 2015
Host: Max Shea

Updated and corrected: February 1, 2014
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R. Weis: Parrot & Paperback (Part II)
Parrot & Paperback
R. Weis/2015
musique concrete sourced from Congo the African Grey Parrot and a paperback book (about the Congo jungle) dropping on the floor; time: 3:36

Pril Smiley: Kolyasa*
Pioneers of Electronic Music (various artists)
New World Records/2006 (orig. CRI 1991)
electronic music on tape: Pril Smiley; recorded at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center; composition year: 1970; time: 6:37
*TAINT Radio version only

Tangerine Dream: Phaedra
Virgin Records/1985 (orig. LP 1974)
VC3 synthesizer, Mellotron, electric organ: Edgar Froese; VC3 synthesizer. electric organ, electric piano; flute: Peter Baumann; Moog synthesizer, VC3 synthesizer, keyboards: Chris Franke; recorded at The Manor studio, Shepton-on-Cherwell, UK, December 1973; time: 17:39

Edgar Froese: Macula Transfer
Beyond the Storm
Virgin Records/1995
synthesizers, electronics: Edgar Froese; time: 3:25

In memory of Edgar Froese (June 6, 1944 - January 20, 2015)

Roxanne Turcotte: Bestiare (Bestiary)
Fenêtres intérieures
empreintes DIGITALes/2014
electroacoustic music on 16-track tape; realized at Productions RTM, Montreal, 2010-2011; revised 2014; time: 10:01

David Monacchi: Echoes of a Sonic Habitat 
Eco-Acoustic Compositions
Earth Ear/2008
original sounds recorded in Montefeltro, Italy, echoic effects and further sounds recorded at the Großer Wasserspeicher cisterns, Berlin; composition year: 2004; time: 11:05

Stockhausen: Schlagtrio
Complete Early Percussion Works
Mode Records/2014
(for piano and two timpanists); piano: Katalin Lukács; timpanis: Justin DeHart, Fabio Oliveira; recorded at Theater A, University of California San Diego, October 2008; composition years: 1952, revised 1973; time: 16:08

Justin DeHart: They Looked Like Strangers, Part I (S.S. Smith)
Strange Paths
Innova Recordings/2013
composer: Stuart Saunders Smith; solo vibraphone: Justin DeHart; recorded at Warren Music Studio, La Jolla, California; composition year: 2009; time: 5:40

Robert Carl: Time/Memory/Shadow
New Music Series Volume 3 (various artists)
Neuma Records/1993
(double trio for piano quintet and harp); performed by Extension Works (Trio I. violin: Si-Jing Huang, cello: David Finch, piano: Kathleen Supové; Trio II. violin: Bonnie Berwick, viola: Scott Woolweaver, harp: Elizabeth Morse), conductor: Ronald Feldman; composition year: 1988; time: 14:37

Robert Carl: Brown Velvet
From Japan
New World Records/2012
(for bassoon and live electronics); bassoon: Ryan Hare; laptop: Aleksander Sternfeld-Dunn; recorded at Washington State University, April 15, 2012; composition years: 2009, 2010; time: 7:13

Pauline Oliveros: Team & Desecrations Improvisation (1st 1/2)
Reverberations -- Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970 (boxed set)
Important Records/2014
synthesizers, electronics: Pauline Oliveros; recorded at the University of Toronto Electronic Music Center, 1966; excerpt time: 11:30

Hugh Le Caine: Invocation
Compositions & Demonstrations 1946-1974
Electronic Music Foundation/1999
musique concrete on multi-track tape; Hugh Le Caine; composition year: 1957; time: 2:20

Fünf: The Name's Name
La règle
Ambiances Magnétiques/2014
electronics, receivers, amplifiers, devices: Magali Babin, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Martine H. Crispo, Anne-Françoise Jacques, Emilie Mouchous, Erin Sexton; recorded in Montreal, 2011-2014; time: 1:31

Martine H. Crispo: Transitive Property of Equality (excerpt)
Deep Wireless 4 (various artists)
Radio Arts Compilation
New Adventures in Sound Art/2007
electronics: Martine H. Crispo; time: 3:45

Barry Lewis: 
a. Koch Island (2:27)
b. Wisps (2:06)
Curves and Jars
MPS Music & Video/1994
computer music: Barry Lewis; recorded at Projects UK studio, Newcastle, UK, 1994; total time: 4:33

Anna Rubin: Crying the Laughing and Golden
Electric Music (Rubin/Hollander)
Capstone Records/2004
digital media: Anna Rubin; composition year: 1983; time: 9:20

Eduard Artemiev: I would like to return
IMEB Opus 30 - 1984 -- 1999, Volume 2 (various artists)
Mnémosyne Musique Media/2003

electroacoustic music: Eduard Artemiev; composition year: 1993; time: 11:33

Noah Creshevsky: Borrowed Time
Auxesis (Amirkhanian/Creshevsky)
Centaur Records/1995
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; composition year: 1992; time: 11:43

Charles Amirkhanian: Hypothetical Moments
Mental Radio
voice, ocarina, bells, harpsichord samples, poem: Charles Amirkhanian; harpsichord samples courtesy of Dennis Russell Davies; composition year: 1981; time: 5:35

In celebration of the 70th birthdays of Noah Creshevsky and Charles Amirkhanian 
Charles Amirkhanian (b. January 19, 1945,  Fresno, California)
Noah Creshevsky (b. January 31, 1945, Rochester, New York)


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