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Martian Gardens, Taint Radio Edition, June 30, 2016

Host: Max Shea 
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Mary Jane Leach: Call of the Dance
Ariadne's Lament
New World Records/1998
New York Treble Singers; soprano soloist: Arlene Davis; conductor: Virginia Davidson; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City; composition year: 1997; time: 9:57

Jenny Olivia Johnson: Pilot
Don't Look Back
Innova Recordings/2015
vocals: P. Lucy McVeigh, Amanda Crider; clarinets: Eileen Mack; bassoon: Andrew Delcios; violin: Todd Reynolds; cellos: Peter Gregson, David Russell, Melinda Menzes; guitars: Lisa Liu; electric guitar, didgeridoo: Dan Kozak; pianos: Isabelle O'Connell, Eliko Akahori, Jake Penn Kozak; percussion: Jude Traxler; electronics, percussion, synthesizer, lyrics: Jenny Olivia Johnson; conductor: Nathaniel Berman; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, New York; time: 11:57

Christopher Shultis: Oneiro
An Illusion of Desire
Experimental Music by Christopher Shultis 1988-1992
Neuma Records/2015
(for percussion trio); percussion: Simone Mancuso, Douglas Nottingham, Brett Reed; composition years: 1988, revised 1992; time: 18:12

Gerard Pape: Heliophonie II
Lux Fugit
(for ensemble and 8 computers); Ensemble C.I.S.I., conductor: Paul Mefano; recorded live, June 2008; composition year: 2008; time: 15:19

Zoviet France: Blow
Gesture Signal Threat
Charrm/1995 (orig. Red Rhino cassette/1986)
noises, instruments: Ben Ponton, Paolo Di Paolo, Robin Storey; time: 7:12

Rhythm & Noise: Bent Metal Forest
Chasm's Accord
Asphodel/1996 (orig. Ralph Records LP/1985)
noises, instruments: Alaric, Z'ev, Naut Humon, Desmond Shea; recorded at Informusic Studios, San Francisco; time: 4:08

Francis Dhomont: Les moirures du temps (The Shimmering Ripples of Time)
empreintes DIGITALes/2003
electroacoustic music: Francis Dhomont; realized in the Syter studio at Ina-GRM (Paris, France) and at the composer’s studio, 1999; premiered (under the working title Cosa mentale) on February 20, 1999 at the Rien à voir (5) concert series, La Chapelle, Montreal; composition years: 1999, 2000; time: 15:24

Joanna Bruzdowicz: La Sérénité (excerpt) (MP3)
from Homo Faber -- An Electronic Trilogy
electroacoustic music: Joanna Bruzdowicz; realized at the IPEM Studio, Ghent, Belgium; composition years: 1971-1975; text: Paul Valery; premiered in Gent, Belgium, 1975; excerpt time: 7:24

Joan La Barbara: ShamanSong
New World Records/1998
voice, percussion, computer, electronic keyboard, synthesizer: Joan La Barbara; hand drums, doumbek, tar: Polly Tapia Ferber; cello: Erika Duke Kirkpatrick; gender: Kristina Melcher; recorded on location at Diablo Canyon and Sante Fe, New Mexico, studio recordings: Kledgit Sound, Cerrillos, New Mexico, Looking Glass Studio, New York City (1991), Metamusic Studios, Los Angeles (1998); composition years: 1991, revised 1998; time: 25:24

Jorge Reyes: El Custombre
a. Medicine Song
b. La Barrida 
c. Divination
El Custombre
Extreme Records/1993
synthesizer, drum machine, drums: Steve Roach; voice, whistle, Aztec wind whistle, ocarina, distant percussion, floating Tarahumara percussion, Aztec chicahuaztli rattle, turtle shells, sugarcane flute, tree branches, percussive vocalizations: Jorge Reyes; distant guitar: Mick Franke; water percussion: Juan Carlos López; recorded at Jorge Reyes' studio, Mexico City and Harderber Studio, Germany; total time: 11:58

Lou Harrison: Song of Quetzalcoatl
Drums Along the Pacific
New Albion Records/2003
William Winant Percussion Group (5 glasses, 5 woodblocks, 5 dragon's mouths, sistrums: William Winant; 5 cowbells, 5 suspended and muted brake drums, wooden rattle: Todd Manley; snare drum, guiro, windglass, triangle, gong, tam-tam: David Rosenthal; 5 tom-toms, contrabass drum: Daniel Kennedy); recorded at Bay Records, Berkeley, California, August 1993; composition year: 1941; time: 6:32

Kanayatn musicians:
a. Kamang Siado (gong ensemble) (excerpt) 1:15
b. Tingkakok (gong row) (demonstration) 2:28
c. Baramutn (gong row) (demonstration) 1:20
Music of Indonesia 17
Kalimantan Dayak Ritual and Festival Music
Smithsonian Folkways/1998
Kanayatn musicians of Dea aur Sampuh, near Pahauman, West Kalimantan, recorded in Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia, 1995-1996; total time: 5:03

Bill Alves: selections from Concerto for Guitar and Gamelan:
a. Movement II (6:27)
b. Movement III (6:23)
Guitar & Gamelan
MicroFest Records/2015
just intonation guitar: John Schneider; HMC American Gamelan, director: Bill Alves, Harvey Mudd College, California; composition year: 2011; composition year: 2011; total selections time: 13:00

Sumbawa musicians: Lopi Penge (excerpt)
Music of Indonesia 16
Music from the Southeast -- Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor
Smithsonian Folkways/1998
violin with female vocals; recorded in Bima, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, 1997; time: 5:51

Meredith Monk: Porch
Lovely Music, Ltd./1995 (orig. Increase LP, 1971)
solo vocal: Meredith Monk; time: 3:20

John Cage: selections from Chorals
a. 0:53
b. 0:44
c. 0:48
The Works for Violin 5
Mode Records/2003
violin: Irvine Arditti; recorded at Sendesaal Hessischen Rundfunk, Frankfurt, September 1999; composition year: 1978; total selections time: 2:25

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