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Martian Gardens, Taint Radio Edition, June 9, 2016

Host: Max Shea 
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Webcast date: June 9, 2016

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Tom Hamilton: City of Vorticity (with soloists)
City of Vorticity
Pogus Productions/2016
violin: Al Margolis; percussion, prepared hammer dulcimer: Alan Zimmerman; trombone, didgeridoo: Peter Zummo: electronic sound environment: Tom Hamilton; time: 29:42

Åke Parmerud: La Vie Mécanique
Compendium International Bourges 2004 (various artists)
Mnemosyne Musique Media/2004
electroacoustic music realized at the Studio Charybde, IMEB, Bourges, France, 2004; premiered at the Synthèse Festival, Bourges, June 10, 2005; time: 12:50

See also: Empreintes DIGITALes

Robert Scott Thompson: Epilog Linea
Aucourant Records/2015
electronics, computer: Robert Scott Thompson; composition year: 2015; time: 10:34

Maryanne Amacher: Remainder
Music for Merce 1952 - 2009 (various artists)
New World Records/2010
electronic music on tape scored for Merce Cunningham's ballet Torse, 1976; excerpt time: 14:55

Elaine Barkin: Exploring the rigors of in between
ee2: A sound album by Elaine Barkin (various artists)
Open Space/2000
flute: Alice MacGonigal; French horn: Louise MacGillvray; violin: Marcy Dicterow-Vaj; viola: Lynn Lusher; cello: Erika Duke Kirkpatrick; conductor: Daniel Kessner; recorded at UCLA, August 1991; time: 2:56

Renée Coloumbe: Piano Outtakes (Piano Take Out)
ee2: A sound album by Elaine Barkin (various artists)
Open Space/2000
electroacoustic music for two-channel tape; composition year: 1990; time: 2:03

Ursula Mamlok: Sonata
I. Allegro moderato (6:38)
II. Poco allegretto scherzando (2:40)
Ursula Mamlok 5
Bridge Records/2016
piano: Kurt Groschopp; recorded in Berlin, Germany, June 2015; composition year: 1942; time: 9:18

Iannis Xenakis: Herma
Works for Piano
Mode Records/2006
piano: Aki Takahashi; recorded at Troy Music Hall, Troy, New York, February 1999; composition years: 1960, 1961; time: 7:43

Roger Reynolds: Epigram and Evolution
Epigram and Evolution -- Complete Piano Works
Mode Records/2009
piano: Eric Huebner; recorded at the University of California San Diego; composition year: 1960; time: 7:09

Roger Reynolds:
imAge/contrabass (6:50)
ImagE/contrabass (4:40)
The ImagE-ImAge Set
Neuma Records/2016
contrabass: Mark Dresser; recorded at Conrad Prebys Hall, University of California San Diego; August 25, 2009; total time: 11:30

Émilie Girard-Charest: S'offrir (extrait)
Émilie préfère le chant
Ambiances Magnetiques/2016
cello: Émilie Girard-Charest; recorded at Studio 270, Montreal, Summer 2015; time: 12:28

Malcolm Goldstein: Portrait for Malcolm (P. Oliveros)
Sounding the New Violin
What Next?/1997
violin: Malcolm Goldstein; recorded at Bregman Electro-Acoustic Studios, Dartmouth College, July 1991; composer: Pauline Oliveros; composition year: 1987; time: 12:17

Susan Fancher: In Two Worlds (M. Feldman)
In Two Worlds
Innova Recordings/2009
(for saxophone and electronics); saxophone: Susan Fancher; recorded at the University of North Carolina Greensboro School of Music; composer: Morton Subotnick; composition year: 1987, edited for MAX/MSP 2007; time: 18:41

Morton Subotnick: The Beautiful Gardener
from And the Butterflies Begin to Sing, Part I -- Crime or Miracle
And the Butterflies Begin to Sing
New World Records/1997
(for string quartet, bass, MIDI Keyboard, and computer); The Amherst String Quartet; double bass: Bleda Elebal keyboard, computer: Morton Subotnick; recorded at Corbett Studio, Cincinnati; composition year: 1988; time: 4:56

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